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How did the blooger die? Heather Armstrong Cause of Death and Obituary


We deeply regret to share with you the sad news that American blogger Heather Armstrong is no longer with us. She had managed to earn a lot of fans, and people from around the world who are mourning her death. People are curious to know what happened to her and could not believe her sudden death. Fans from all over the world are upset and mourning her death. We will try to provide you with all details and information about her which we collect with deep research so let’s continue to read the whole article until the end.

How did the blogger die?

The person we are talking about passed away at the age of 48 on Tuesday 9 May 2023. Heather B. Armstrong was an American Blogger from Sait Lake City, Utah. She wrote the Pseudonym of Dooce. Pseudonym that came from her inability to quickly spell dude during online chats with her former co-workers. she was born on 4 July 2015 and died on 9 May 2023. She was married to John Armstrong in 2002 but got divorced in 2013. She had 2 children.

How did the blooger die?

We are going to share with you every single piece of information about her. Nevertheless, numerous questions are prevailing in people’s minds regarding this news what happened to her suddenly, and if she died because of any illness. You should follow this column till the end and must go through the all following sections to learn all information about her. Kindly drag down the page and continue to read the article.

Heather was a multitalented and versatile person. She was a Blogger, Author, Consultant, and Columnist. She started her blog in 2001. She earned 8.5 million viewers in 2004 after her parenting struggles and running ads. Heather reportedly earned $100000 annually from banner ads on Dooce. She appeared in  Orpha which was featured by Forbes magazine in the list of The Most Influential Women In Media of 2009.

It is not confirmed how she died but speculations are made by the people that she committed suicide. Through the sources, we get to know that Armstrong died by suicide on 9 May 2023 after an apparent relapse of her alcoholism. She was battling with depression and had written openly about her postpartum depression, divorce, and difficulties as a single mother on her Dooce.com.Her family is silent on this news. Many condolences to her and to her family. People also give tribute to her. If we get any updates related to her we will inform you. Stay tuned to the social telecast.


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