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How Did Victoria Muthoni Theuri Die? Cause Of Death, Missing KU Student Found Dead


There is shocking news coming forward that a student of Kenyatta University is discovered dead on Saturday 31 December 2022 at her boyfriend’s home in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County. She was a Public Policy and Administration student named Victoria Muthoni Theuri. She was been missing for the previous five days and was now found dead at her boyfriend’s home. This news is running on the top of the internet and lots of social media users raised various questions on social media pages. There are lots of people who share their responses to this incident. Let us check all the information about this incident and read continue this article.

How Did Victoria Muthoni Theuri Die Cause Of Death Missing KU Student Found Dead

How Did Victoria Muthoni Theuri Die?

According to the sources, She was missing from last previous days and missing on Christmas Day on Sunday 25 December. His parents reside in Kahawa Sukri, Kiambu county, and that day she traveled to see her sister by informing her parents and her parents allowed her for this. When she didn’t come back home her parents and her sister to see that is she stays at her house or not. Her phone was also out of range and her parents can’t connect to her in any medium. Her sister tells to police that she had not seen her. In the end, her parents went to the Kahawa Sukari Police Station and makes a report for her missing.

What Happened To Victoria Muthoni Theuri?

As per the other officials that she had issued with her parents but she didn’t go too far and has not vanished yet. Worse yet that she became pregnant with a man when she was in school and her parents did not know that person.

Although the situation of her pregnancy has severely challenged her relationship with her parents and still lives at the home in her neighborhood and attended school as she had committed to doing. The reports of police state that she spends a lot of time at her boyfriend’s apartment at Alvo House before going her home after school.

Police arrives at the residence on 29 December and used welders to break down the door. They found her body with no injuries on her body and they believed that she died at least three days ago. Later left for his rural home, and her boyfriend was arrested immediately. He claimed that he left her at his house and went to his parent’s house on Christmas Day. The investigation is ongoing and police are still investigating the cause of her death.


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