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How many horses have died at the 2023 Grand National?


There is the saddest news is coming out related to the death of three horses who passed away during the Grand National Festival of the year. It is also shared that 118 people were arrested as protesters who tried to create violence and storm the racecourse at Aintree. This news is now spreading like fire on the internet and many social platforms and attracts the internet of many people and netizens. Let us discuss in detail the three horses who passed away Envoye Special, Dark Raven, and Hill Sixteen, and what happened to them and about this shocking incident, so this article continues completely.

According to the reports and information, Envoye was suffering from a major injury on the first day of the races and it is also shared that he fell at one of the fences during the Foxhunters’ Open Hunters’ Chase. Raven suffered a major fall and was taken during the race at 03:00 pm on Saturday 15 April 2023. Hill also fell at the first fence and was later taken put down during the main Grand National race of the festival and it is also coming out that he was suffering a broken neck. Scroll down to know more about this shocking incident.

As per the sources, protesters had attacked the racecourse and tried to fix fence railings, and delayed its start by storming. Hill’s trainer Sandy Thomson blamed it as “ignorant” protesters for making the 10-year-old horse “hyper” and pointed to be washed off right before the race. The Animal Rising, the group behind the disruption, shares that the horses have died in the United Kingdom. This shocking incident toll for the Aintree Festival stands at 62 horses since 2000 – 16 of which were killed in the Grand National race. There were many theories and details are now coming forward related to this incident.

This news is getting huge attention and popularity on the internet and on many social media platforms and so many social media users share their responses on this terrible incident and express their sadness for the death of three horses. The first festival happened in 1839 and a total of 89 horses have passed away since the first festival. The Grand National festival is most liked by the people and this race is one of the most longest and hazardous races in the world. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.


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