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Huge Cliff Collapses Onto Black’s Beach in La Jolla Viral Video on 20th Jan 2023


There is a piece of news coming forward related to the cliff crash occurring at the beach of black and this news is confirmed on Friday 20 January 2023 in the time of the afternoon. This news is continuously circulating on the internet and gathering a lot of attention from various people and netizens. This incident has taken place at Black beach which is located on the north side of La Jolla. There are so many people asking too many questions related to this incident, so here we are going to share all information related to this incident and other topics related to this incident.

Huge Section of Cliff Crashes Onto Black's Beach in La Jolla

According to the information, This beach is full of a cliff that reaches the height of feet. This incident was done a couple of hundred yards south of the Torrey Pines Glider Port which is around to be 25 feet high and 250 feet wide fell off the sea bluff. It is coming forward that this happened due to heavy rain and wind in recent weeks and there is not much information is available related to this bluff incident. We will update our article after getting more information related to this incident and mention it in our article.

This sea bluff was continuous for ten minutes and around 150000 cubic yards of the volume fell. This is not the first time when the Black Beach Bluff collapsed but this time the volume has been very large. No one was taking bath at the time on the beach who get any minor or major injury in this incident. Lifeguards are also available in a pickup truck which is near its base monitoring the situation. There is no news coming out that anyone is harmed and get injured by this incident and this collapse happened at around 2 pm on Friday. This was the largest collapse in the history of recent collapses.

If we discuss the bluff then It is a type of broad-rounder cliff and it is a cliff or hill with a tall face n one side. In bluff is a steep shoreline slope that is formed in sediment and loses its materials. There are so many people and users of social media sharing their responses on the internet and posting their responses against this incident on various pages of social media. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles related to the latest news of the daily world.


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