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Hugh Jackman Mourns His Father’s Demise Check His Father’s Cause Of Death?


Losing a dear one is certainly the biggest pain someone could feel in their life. Well, it is also the dark truth that everyone has to accept. Recently, the Australian actor Hugh Jackman endured the tragic demise of his father, Christopher John Jackman. The 52-years-old shared the death news of his father on Monday. He took to his Twitter and wrote that on the occasion of Australian Father’s Day, his father peacefully passed away. He added that in addition to being extremely sad, he is also filled with love and gratitude and went on to call his father “extraordinary”.

Hugh Jackman Mourns His Father's Demise

Wolverine fame actor’s said post has been receiving plenty of condolences and RIP messages. The fans are expressing their sadness on his loving father’s sudden demise and have been sending strength to the family and friends to bear the huge loss. It is really a coincidence that Hugh Jackman’s father died on September 6, 2021, the same date as Australian Father’s Day. The actor also shared that his father had devoted his entire life to his family, work and his beliefs and prayed for the peace of his soul. Hugh shared a picture of John Jackman on his Twitter account too.

Last year on the same occasion, Hugh Jackman has posted an emotional post for his father where he wrote that his father taught him plenty of things that turned out to be the best lessons he ever learnt. The actor added that Mr John always asked him to keep his promises even if he learns about another option that could turn out to be beneficial for him. He continued that another thing his father had taught him was to always share the snacks he is about to eat with the people around him.

Now, the actor’s certainly the best teacher has left the world with all his important lessons. Talking about Christopher John Jackman, it is speculated that he was 84-years-old. Hugh has always opened up about his father and has shared how the latter was the one to raise him this well. For those unaware, as per reports, Hugh’s mother had left the family when he was just an 8-years-old boy. He had always considered his father as an inspiration who taught him so many things in his lifetime and left him with beautiful moments spent with him. Apart from fans, several celebrities are also paying tribute to Hugh Jackman’s father demise.


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