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Imli ULLU Web Series Full Episode Actress Name Wiki Biography


Hello, all the web series enthusiasts, finally your favorite and highly anticipated erotic drama of ULLU officials “Imli” is all set to make you feel overwhelmed, as the makers are releasing it officially. Yes, you heard right, the series is on its way to entertaining you while providing a great level of enthusiasm and fantasy drama. Even, this time the makers are promising to deliver something more overwhelming than ever, as the series is holding an amazing storyline that will definitely live up to your expectation. Below you can get everything you need to know along with the release date & time, spoilers, preview, etc.

imli ullu

The makers are releasing “Imli” on Tuesday, 17th January 2022 on ULLU Officials, in short only a few moments are left in the broadcasting and you will get your favorite one, which you have all been impatiently waiting for. Even, the makers are promising to deliver more overwhelming activities than ever and this is the reason, the series is remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone because no one would like to be ignorant of the series and want to get it. Therefore, currently, the streamers are looking to get the subscription first.

Release Date:- Tuesday, 17th January 2023

Now, have a look towards the storyline, the lot revolves around a girl who has been brought by a man from the village, her name is Imli, and she is a housekeeper who works at many houses. But she is gorgeous enough and has an aura to attract anyone, therefore, the owner of her land gives her the offer to become a south actress as he has great contacts with the producers and directors, but she will have to give him something. Then he fulfills his desires, but after a few times, she feds up with him and his lame promises.


  • Bharti Jha

Therefore, she asks him to maintain an arm’s distance unless he makes her an actress in the South industry as he promised to her, and leaves the place too. Then she goes to fetch the essentials from the store where the store owner falls for her beauty, and decides to marry her at any cost. Therefore, after visiting few times at his store, he asks her to marry him as he can give her everything, but she denies it by saying that she will give him everything without getting married. So do not miss watching the series on ULLU officials and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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