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Imlie 10th April 2023 Written Update: Dhairya Visits Rana Residence to Meet Rudra


Hello, readers and viewers, we are here again to entertain you by giving a written update on the latest episode of the top-going show of star plus which is IMLIE.The latest written update of Imlie 10th April 2023. In today’s episode, the scene starts with Dhairya taking Kala from Rudra’s ward. Rudra gains consciousness and asks Arto if any person came to meet Rudra. Arto says yes they came to meet him but they left. Rudra says he sleeps peacefully after a long time and Arto says that you should also sleep like this at home peacefully without this state.

Imlie 10th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie says thank you to Arto for not douting on her but Arto says that he will not take thankyou from her because he already trusts her and asks her why she doesn’t trust him and that he never doubts her. The situation was coming out like this so she thought he will be disappointed in her. Arto says that she is the only one who taught everyone and him to love. why is she failing to do that? Arto says that he is losing hope that he will get any achievement.

Imlie 10th April 2023 Written Update

Imlie says he should not lose hope and she is always with him Imlie says that she can help to organize his own concert.¬†Kala asks Dhairya if he is the one behind the accident of Rudra’s accident. Dhairya says he will be proud if he is the one who did this accident but he will take revenge on them. Kala slaps him and tells him he is his father. Dhairya says Rudra is Artos father now and Kala feels helpless and says to Dhairya that they should have not disturbed Rudras life but Dhairya is not convinced and says that his main target is Arto. Imlie is getting worried because the concert ticket sample design is not ready yet and not tell to Arto.

Rudra comes to Rana’s Residence and Shivani says maybe evil eyes are o him. Dhairya comes to see Rudra and he feels happy and thanks him. Then¬† Dhairya informs Chini that the concert ticket and Chini bribes the staff and tells them to print a different date and place it on the concert tickets. Dhairya gets burned inside seeing a happy family and recalls his memory of bullying because of not having a father. Arto request him to attend the concert but Dhairya said he does not have time for that. In the last scene of the episode, Dhairya does not pick up the call from Kala and while he is dropping his phone Rudra sees Kala’s photo on his phone screen. Dhairya gets shocked. for more updates stay sticky with us.


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