Home Entertainment Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Secretly Enters Summer Camp

Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Secretly Enters Summer Camp


Hello everyone, now we are coming to give you the latest written update on your favorite show IMLIE. The latest written update is today’s episode of Imlie 11 May 2023. The Episode starts with the scene when Chini secretly enters the summer camp to find out if Imlie is present there. Chini hides in Imlies Cabin when she sees the guard is coming. Kairi dries Imlies hair after drenching in rain and catches a cold. Kairi says she also dries her father’s hair Arthav but Imllie’s hair is longer than her father’s. She says Arthav dries his hair thinking Kairi treats him like a kid who will dry his hair in his absence. He imagines Imllie who says she will dry his hair.

Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini drops Arthav and Imlie’s Photoframes by mistake and hides under the desk. Chini silently keeps the frame in front of him. He keeps it back on the desk thinking it must have fallen due to the wind and walks away. Chini thinks she should leave before someone notices her. Kairi hugs Chini and says she looks tall and weak. Kairi asks Chini What she is doing here. Chini says she is hiding from Arthav and Kairi takes along with her. Dhairya gets worried for Imlie hearing about heavy rains in Goa.

Imlie 11th May 2023 Written Update

Kairi takes Chini to a Kitchen and asks her to prepare magic water for princess aunty. Chini prepares Kadha for Kairi princess aunty. Chini feels sad when she asks Kairi that Her prince’s aunty is more beautiful than her and Kairi says yes. Arthav prepares Kadha for himself and thinks Kairi wants that kadha to feed him. Arthav thinks about why he won’t return to her but he said that she held Dhairyas hand by then when he needs support and they promised to be together for 7 lives but she did not even for 7 months. Imlie asks him in his imagination when he will keep her away from her daughter. Aarthav says until his last breath and goy out of his imagination.

Imlie searches for Kairi. Dhairya gets worried when Imlie does not pick up Dhairyas Phone call and Devika thinks she is right Imlie doesn’t want to talk to Dhairya meanwhile Shivani says to Dhairya why he is worried for Imlie more if he falls in love with Imlie. Dhairy says it will hurt Devika if she hears this. Shivani says she accepted Dhairya as her Nephew like other children. Kairi says Imlie is not her best friend but takes care of her like a… Chini gets tensed seeing Imlie walking into the kitchen.


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