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Imlie 14th August 2021 Written Episode: Anu Addresses Imli Illegitimate Child


The upcoming episode of Imlie will begin where Malini creates a scene by saying that if they both have a problem with her so she will never come here again. Meanwhile, she starts picks her bag and starts going from there but Aditya asks her to stop and suddenly she gets a sprain. At the same time, Aditya holds her but Malini keeps complaining that she is supporting them from the start despite this, he accused her so many times without knowing the main reason behind the incidents. In short, she tries to emotionally blackmail him that he does not have trust in her.

Then Aditya consoles her and apologizes but somewhere Imli gets suspicious because Malini is behaving weird nowadays, which is a matter of thinking. Meanwhile, Aditya asks Imli to leave them alone for a while, because he wants to talk to her. She goes from there but Aditya wonders that he should talk to Imli too hence, he decides to go from there. He comes and asks her what happened, but she pretends like everything is fine because she wants to clear everything with Malini personally. So therefore she wonders that Aditya does not need to know this.

Imlie Written Episode

Another side, Anu is making more conspiracies against Imli so that, she can make her separate from Aditya forever, but suddenly Dev arrives and starts accusing Anu by saying that she Spoiled Malini’s intentions which is inappropriate enough. But Anu also starts retaliating and mentions because of his illegitimate child, she will not let her daughter’s condition get spoiled. Meanwhile, she says that no one has a right to stop her especially Dev because for the sake of Malini she can cross all the limits. But Dev leaves the place and says that he is not here to listen to her non-sense talk.

After that, Imli comes to meet Malini in her room because she wants to clear everything that is going on nowadays. She confesses her all feelings towards Malini by saying that she trusts her a lot over anyone, therefore she did not complain when she prepared her for a party. But Malini says why she is saying all this, but Imli says that she wants to see her old Malini Didi back. But Malini says that nowadays she is going through a lot of stuff because of which she forgot the way she used to live life. So do not miss to watch it on Star Plus at 08:30 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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