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Imlie 15th April 2023 Episode Written Update: Imlie Gets a Clue Against Dhairya


Hello, the audience here we are again to entertain you by giving the Latest written update todays episode of Imlie. 15th April 2023. let’s get started, The episode starts with Arto and Imlie who refuse to go with each other but they have to go to the Restaurant because of Rudra. meanwhile, Arto and Imlie not talking with each other at the restaurant and tells to the waiter that they don’t want to eat anything. They are not hungry. Arto writes Sorry on the plate with a rose petal for Imlie. They eat because they don’t want to disappoint their family. Arto feeds food To Imlie and says don’t think too much about other issues. Dhairya asks the waiter to do his job as he instructed him.

Imlie 15th April 2023 Episode Written Update

Waiter Mocks the Arto with Dhairya and also agrees with him when Imlie pays the bill for food instead of Arto. Dhairya checked Arto’s accounts and he did not take anything from his father’s account and did not earn anything in the past few months so he has less money. Waiters said to Dhairya that Arto lives on his wife’s money. Arto overheard the Waiters talk and grab the waiter’s collar but Dhairya hides before this because he already saw Arto coming. Arto warns the waiter. Imlie said to Arto to leave him and said to the waiter that marriage is equality between husband and wife.

Imlie 15th April 2023 Episode Written Update

Imlie suddenly sees a cap that belonged to a delivery boy (disguised as Dhairya) and asks them whose cap is this. Dhairya gets worried that Imlie suspects him. then she leaves with Aro by car. Imlie says to Arto don’t take anyone’s words seriously and why she can’t pay for him even though he also used to pay her expenditure of her. Imlie gets saddened when Arto shouts at her and asks him to leave him alone.

Chini informed Anu that Dhairya was successful in his plan to create a difference between Arto and Imlie. Chini meets Dhairya and said to tell her about the whole matter. Dhairya says Imlie got his cap and he can get exposed anytime. Chini says Imlie can only sense his poor dressing sense but she can’t catch them. Chini says she has a lot of experience and Dhairya should relax, nothing will go wrong. Imlie gets worried when she doesn’t see Arto on his bed and recalls the memories of misunderstandings but also says that this will end very soon.


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