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Imlie 18th August 2021 Written Episode: Imli & Malini Get Into An Argument


The recent episode of Imlie will start where Malini reveals her truth in front of Mithi by saying that why will she always sacrifice her happiness, life and etc for the sake of Imli. Meanwhile, she assures Mithi that sooner or later she will take over Aditya from Imli no matter what happens. After hearing all this, Mithi goes into trauma because she did not even expect it, and Imli is falling prey to such a big conspiracy. Inwardly Mithi wonders that she will not let this happen to her and therefore she will have to make Aditya familiar with Malini’s truth. 

Then Mitthi says whatever she has faced due to Dev in past she will not let Imli bear that pain, because she knows how terrible the situation becomes if a woman stays together despite having a husband. But Another side, Malini is executing her conspiracy against Imli under which, she pretends to be nice to Aditya so that, she can manage her impact on his heart. After a while, Malini goes to bring tea for Aditya to the kitchen but Imlie already making and ready for serving but Malini says that she will bring it.

Imlie Written Episode

At the same time, Imli asks her to take some rest and she will manage everything but Malini starts criticizing her and says that no matter what happens but she will bring it. But Imli gets to know Malini’s spoiled intention and therefore a clash takes place between both of them. Where Malini starts shouting at Imli and tries to snatch the soccer pan and by mistake tea gets fallen on the surface. Imli gets shocked to see this kind of weird behavior of Malini because somewhere she is becoming possessive of Aditya, and it could be harmful towards their relationship.

Later, Mithi decides to go away from Chaturwedi’s house but spontaneously she feels it’s inappropriate and she should raise her voice, for the rights of her daughter Imlie. Because Malini’s intentions have been spoiled and she can do everything for Adutya under her possession. So without any ado, she should go to Aditya and makes him familiar with the entire truth behind Malini’s behavior. Because Malini has clearly said that if someone will go out from their life so she will Imlie because she does not have any place in their heart. So do not miss to watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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