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Imlie 19th July 2021 Full Written Update: Kunal Chauhan Refuses To Continue Malini’s Case


The recent episode begins where Aditya makes Imli understand that there is no need to think more about those people who do not care about her. But Imlie replies that she knows everyone and it makes sense because they can not go against society. Because she has seen this already when her mother was suffering from this pain, so she can not avoid it. Meanwhile, she mentions that people have given the wrong name to their relationship, which she will keep correcting.

Imlie 19th July 2021 Full Written Update: Kunal Chauhan Refuses To Continue Malini's Case

Then Aditya says that he is tired of explaining to her, but if she does not want to understand his point, then she can do whatever she wants. Meanwhile, someone knocks on their door and Sundar opens it, and spontaneously a few ladies come inside their house and start humiliating Sunder when he asks them about their identity. At the same time, she is listening to everyone standing behind, but she can not stop herself and come ahead to give them a reply.

After that, Aparna asks her to go from there but she gets angry at her by saying that she does not need to come here again. Because Aparna accuses Imli that she is responsible for all that and despite this, answering them. Another side, Malini goes to meet KC (Kumnal Chauhan) because he refuses to continue her divorce case ahead. She comes and starts interrogating him that he was to do this, so he should have informed her first. Kunal loses his temper and says whenever he forbids her to go to Tripathi’s house, she goes there.

Then Malini makes him understand that whenever Aparna makes her call she can not stop herself, and after hearing this Kunal says hence, he returned her case so please find another lawyer. On the other hand, Aparna breaks down with tears in front of Pankaj Ji and says that she will never accept Imli as her daughter-in-law no matter what happens. Imli is hearing all this and decides to participate in the Best-Bahu competition, so that, she can prove herself to them.

Later, she goes to take the advice of Adithya but he does not allow her to participate in the competition because there is no need to prove them anything. Because sooner or later they will realize definitely so do not take stress about it, but Imli insists him to allow her. Then Aparna goes to participate in the contests along with her family but society’s ladies again taunt Aparna. Meanwhile, Imli also arrives there and takes a slip of contest and says that she will definitely make it on her name. So do not miss to watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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