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Imlie 2 May 2023 Written Update: Imlie helps Arto Unknowingly


Hello, readers and viewers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update of all your favorite shows which is running on the top. Today we are going to tell what will happen in today’s episode of Imlie. The latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie 2 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Chini asks Anu to cut the call. Kairi says that Arto will fall sick if he stands under a sunray. Chini stops to Kairi but she ran away. Then the scene comes on Dhairya and Imlie where Dhairya tells Imlie that he can see the pain in her eyes which she never shows to others.

Imlie says that she feels very happy to spend time with kids in summer camp and thinks she is close to her own daughter Atismolaa. Dhairya says if she feels happy with spending time with kids in summer camp so he is with her.

Imlie Written Update

Aarthav could not give the best performance on the beach and that’s why he can’t earn well. Kairi rushes to Arthav with an umbrella. Gonsalves says Arto’s performance is not good enough and they can’t earn very well. Arto thinks  Imlie motivated him but after realizing that Imlie was not there he thinks that he used to love her but now he hates her. His hatred shows in the performance and earns very well. Arthav sings Bulleya Song. Imlie hears the music and says to the driver to stop the car and rushingly runs to the beach where the sound comes from.

Imlie written update

Imlie fails to see Arthav because he was surrounded by the people. Kairi looks for Arto and gets lost. Chini calls Arthav that Kairi went alone to look for him at the beach. Then Chini and Arthav look for Kairi. Imlie asks Gonaslaves who was playing the guitar. Gonaslave says why everyone asking for Arthav the guitar artist then Imlie says that she thinks he is a good artist and performer and wanted to give money as a reward. Imlie also says Gonnaslave gives him good feedback and reviews to him.

Arto and Chini Arto and Chini finally find Kairi and play with her. Kairi says she won’t leave his father at this moment. He should not perform under heat. Imlie turns around hearing Kairi’s voice but can’t see her face as it’s covered by the big umbrella. Dhairya tells Imlie that he has urgent work in the office. Gonnaslave tells Arto that someone is want to give him money as she thinks that he is a great artist. Arto says that he is finally can send to Kairi in Summer camp. Imlie reaches the summer camp and asks the cook to make light food for the kids. They praise Imlie for her goodness Arto tells Chini that maybe Imlie’s qualities are in Kairi though he doesn’t like her now. Kairi loves Sita Maiya just like her mother.


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