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Imlie 25th August 2021 Written Episode: Malini Accuses Imli For Ruining Her Life


The coming episode of Imlie starts where Sunder feeds Imli’s granny and Anu keeps on seeing them together and starts inflaming Tripathi’s by saying that if they do not stop it right now so she will occupy their house for sure. Meanwhile, she accuses Imli too by saying that she will bring her more relatives also and convert their house as a free shelter. But her granny does not consider her at all and while ignoring asks Imli to arrange her room because she wants to take a nap for a while.

Then Imli asks her to sleep in her room but granny refuses by saying that she does not want to become an anonymous bone that comes between husband & wife. Meanwhile, says that she will stay in Malini’s room because she is too slim and her bed has a lot of pending space. But Anu gets shocked to hear all this and says that she does not have worth staying with Malini in the same room. So stop making plans because surface and sky have a huge difference and even if you wish, the soil cannot touch the sky so be in your limit.

Imlie Written Episode

At the same time, Rupali and Nishant get happy to see granny’s exploits because Anu needs to get a person who can reply to her in a harsh tone, and Imli’s granny is doing the right thing with her. But when Anu absolutely refuses Nani is to stay with Malini, so Nani replies that if Malini has so much trouble, then take her away from here. Anu gets shocked because she does not have such words to reply to her, hence, she starts complaining to Tripathi. Further, says that Aditya took Malini here so that, she can recover as soon as possible but now everything has changed.

Then Imli assures Anu that she will send Malini to her house when she will get recovered properly do not worry. The next morning, Malini accuses Imli that why she is doing all this and what was the need to call her Nani here. Imli replies that she did not make any plan against her, it was totally unexpected because she was also shocked to see her Nani here. But Malini is not ready to understand anything and says that no matter what happens but she will let her throw outside from the house for sure. So do not miss streaming it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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