Home Entertainment Imlie 27th August 2021 Written Episode: Malini Decides To Ruin Imli

Imlie 27th August 2021 Written Episode: Malini Decides To Ruin Imli


The coming episode of Imlie begins where Imli visits her granny to get well dressed for the function, she beings some flower ornament and tries to make her wear that. She complains that it does not seem well, because she never wore such ornaments, so please remove it as soon as she can. Meanwhile, Imli interrupts her by saying that she does not have gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. Therefore, she is giving it to her and meanwhile, reveals that she knows about her exploits that Malini gave her ring. Granny gets shocked to hear this and tries to prove her wrong.

Further, Imli says that she does not have a right to blame her because since childhood she is seeing her. Meanwhile, says that when she lost all hopes even she is not understanding anything then she met her, and hope arrived back along with her. In short, Imli unleashes everything that no one wants to see her here but despite this, she is surviving to get her rights back. But ever since she saw her granny her courage build again and she got the strength to fight, but if she needs this ring so she will not take it back.

Imlie Written Episode

But as everyone knows that granny’s intentions have been ruined totally so she refuses to agree with Imli and leaves the place. Imli is praying inwardly to God because it will be the first ritual after her wedding and she does not want any obstacle. Meanwhile, Aditya comes there and asks what happened, Imli says nothing she is just thinking about the ritual. Because she will never let him win but Aditya says that he loves her a lot and therefore he will definitely win the game. But Imli says that she loves him a lot and no matter what happens she will win the game.

At the same time, Aditya assures her that finally his family is getting accepted their relationship and now they will prove their love in front of society as well. On another side, Anu comes to Aparna and starts taunting her that please accept her apology because she came here without taking any gift. Suddenly Mitthi also arrives there and greets them but Aparna ignores her and Imli stops her by addressing Aparna “Maa”. But Aparna gets upset and her anger goes at its peak because she does not want to hear “Maa” from her. So do not forget to watch it on Star Plus at 08:30 Pm and for more details connect with us


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