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Imlie 4th September 2021 Written Episode: Satyakam Exposes Malini


The upcoming episode of Imlie starts where Aditya gets his senses back and Pankaj asks Nishant to call everyone especially Aparna, she gets emotional to see him and asks how he is feeling now. Meanwhile, brings kheer for him and starts feeding by saying that she prepared it because she had faith that he will definitely come to eat it. Meanwhile, Aditya says that maybe it’s his destiny that he was not to leave the world without having kheer. Aparna asks him to shut and warns him to not say these words again because she gets hurt a lot with it

Then Satyakam reaches Imli’s room and asks her to wake up because he wants to reveal the entire truth of why he did such exploits. But Imli does not want to hear any excuse and says that she already told him that nothing is big for her than his vermillion, so how could he thought to kill Aditya like this. Meanwhile, Imli asks him to go away because she does not want to look at him here again, On the other side, Aparna and Radha start accusing Imli but Aditya interrupts them that no matter what she has done but they always prefer her flaws without any reason.

Imlie Written Episode


At the same time, Imli comes outside and hugs Aditya but Satyakam also arrives there and Aditya asks him to finish his work, which is pending but Satyakam apologizes to him by saying that he did a mistake please accept his apology. Meanwhile, Satyakam tries to reveal the truth but no one is ready to hear because of his mistake, and extempore police take place there. Meantime, Aditya says that he called the police because Satyakam has confessed his crime and he needs to get punished by the police as soon as possible.

Then Imli requests Aditya that she needs to talk to Satyakam because he keeps on telling them the truth, then she takes him in her room and asks to reveal everything. Satyakam says that when she made calls to him to inform him about the function and cut that, then suddenly he got another call from the same number. Where a lady informs him that still, Aditya loves his first wife over Imli and when he reached here he saw him with Malini. Hence his anger went over the top and he shot Aditya, so do not miss watching it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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