Home Entertainment Imlie 5th July 2021 Today’s Written Update Episode: Malini Feels Insulted

Imlie 5th July 2021 Today’s Written Update Episode: Malini Feels Insulted


Imlie’s 5th July 2021’s episode begins with, Imlie telling Mithi that she congregate some courage to meet Malini at her place but unfortunately, she did not meet her as she was not present there and now she just can’t get gather more confidence to meet her again. Satyakaam comes there and asks if she informed Adi before going to meet Malini, Imlie tells him that she did not tell before going. Meanwhile, Nishant comes searching for her and says that his mother told him that they all are staying here, therefore he comes here just to pick Imlie.

Imlie 5th July 2021 Today's Written Update Episode: Malini Feels Insulted

Adi gets angry at Imie as she went out without even informing him. He says that he thought she left him once again and now will be insisting on him returning to Malini. He says that he is so tired now and has lost again to gain her trust. Imlie apologizes and requests him to have the food. Malini comes towards Adi’s room, where she thinks about his call that she thinks he made just because of their 7-years old relationship and there is nothing special between them.

Imlie looks at Adi because he does not starts eating, she warns him that if now he does not eat then she must go forever. He threats back on her saying that if she goes just for few hours then it won’t go fine and he will go ill, he further says that he will die if she goes. He requests her to reveal the truth to the family, Imlie says that she can’t reveal it because she does not want to ruin her elder sister’s wedding.

Adi yells at her saying that Malini broke the relation herself no one forced her to do then why Imile is not accepting this. Malini starts to get some hopes that Adi still loves her despite everything that has happened. Adi there starts eating food after Imlie’s biding. Malini enters the room and she gets demoralized seeing Adi having the food with Imlie and sitting normally as nothing has happened.

Adi looks at her and instead of getting happy as she enters thinking that he will be happy seeing her, he asks her what she is doing here and why she came. Malini thinks that once again she met with the prank of her feelings and she made an emotional fool again and she should keep in mind that Imlie is with him so he does not want anyone around him, she leaves after being insulted. The episode ends here, stay tuned to read more further written episodes.


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