Home Entertainment Imlie 7th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Aparna Executes Conspiracy Against Imli

Imlie 7th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Aparna Executes Conspiracy Against Imli


The upcoming episode of Imlie begins where Aditya dances with Imli and Malini is getting jealous to watch them together, meanwhile, she comes to them and starts counting flaws. Aditya says that if she knows well than them so she should tell them their flaws so that, they can remove them as soon as possible. Spontaneously Malini says that Rukmini is an integral part of Radha-Krishna’s life and somewhere Aditya gets suspected at Malini. Hence, he asks Imli that he needs to take some rest because of hand pain but she says that nowadays, nothing is going well between the two.

Another side, Mithi distributes sweets to all workers of their house meanwhile, Anu comes and asks her the reason behind it. Meanwhile, Mithi unleashes that her daughter and Son-in-law are going to play a portray of Radha Krishan on the occasion of Janmashtami. Therefore she is happy but Anu gets angry to hear this and starts padding derogatory remarks. But suddenly Dev arrives there and defends Mithi by saying that she is doing perfect because it is matter of happiness. At the same time, Anu makes a call to Malini and unleashes her plan against Aditya and Imli.

Imlie Written Episode

Then Malini comes to Aparna and informs her that Imli is practicing for the Janamashtami function but her performance does not seem good. Aparna says that she knows everything but can not do anything because she does not want to teach her at all. Because she is not Malini, but meanwhile she wonders that she can not put her family reputation down. So therefore she will have to do something to make Imli away from the function so that, she can not perform at all. Another side, everyone is getting ready for the drama and Anu also arrives with Anu there.

On the other side, Imli and Aditya take place as Radha & Krishna and Nishant starts sprinkling flowers on them. Aparna gets upset to see all this and meanwhile, Malini also arrives there in the same attire as Imli wore. They get shocked to see her especially Aditya and Imli because they did not even think about it. Spontaneously, Aparna asks Imli to come with her because one ritual is pending and she will have to do that as a daughter-in-law of Tripathi house. Imli gets happy to see this because it seems like Aparna’s mind and perception are getting changed. So do not miss watching it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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