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Imlie 9 June 2023 Written Episode Update


The latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie 9 June 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Imlie says that she has to move on from Aarthav as he already makes his new world. Everyone gets shocked after seeing Imlie sign the divorce papers. Arthav thinks about why he can’t hate Imlie even after she considers him an enemy and on the other side, Imlies goes upstairs and thinks about Aarthav that he forgot all things that she went to stop him and already made a new world and cries in the room.

Imlie written update

Kairi finds the toys but thought that maybe these toys are for another kid but Imlie says you can play with them without hesitation and permission. Kairi broke the photo frame of Imlie and Arthav’s picture together while playing and asks Imlie if her father Arthav and Imlie met each other before then Imlie replies that she used to know but now they are strangers.

Imlie makes an announcement in the night as she is leaving this house and going right now. Dhairya and Arthav want to say something to Imlie at the same time then Dhairya tells her that this is her house but she is adamant to leave then Arthav says she can leave this house as she already signed the divorce paper. Imlie says she doesn’t want to hurt Kairi that’s why she is leaving before Kairi wakes up from her sleep.

Ginni, Shivani, Dhairya, and Rudra try to stop her but Imlie is adamant and leaves there then Kia manipulates and convincing for get married to Aarthav without delay and make her place in Aarthav’s life and tells them that she gained Devika and Arthav trust but society will judge your character by this unnamed relation and maybe you will suffer like Dhairya and Kala so you should marry to Aarthav.

Imlie says she is happy for Chini and asks to take care of Ranas in her absence and both hugs each other. Dhairya says that he will also go with her but Imlie stops him by saying you got your rights after a long time so you have to stay here then Arthav gets jealous when he sees that Imlie got hurt and Dhairya put ointment on her hand.

Arthav calls Chini and says to her to put her luggage in his room and tries to make her jealous of Imlie by saying that he wants to start afresh. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to the Social telecast.


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