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Imlie 8th April 2023 Written Update: Akash and Kia Execute a Plan Against Arto and Imlie


Hello readers here we are again giving you the latest updates on the famous serial which telecast on Starplus Imlie.The written updates latest episodes of Imlie 8th April 2023. we will give you all details about todays episode of Imli so let’s talk about it. In today’s episode, the scene starts with Dhairya asking why Chini is here. Chini says that she wants to take revenge on her sister. Chini says that her and Dhairya’s story is similar. Her sister Imlie gets everything that she does not deserve and not time to tell the whole story. That’s why she wants to join hands with him and make Arto and Imlies life into Hell. They smile at each other.

Imlie 8th April 2023 Written Update

The hospital scene came where Imlie says to Devika that Rudra has to stay in hospital for more few days. Imlie says that she can stay in the hospital with Rudra you should go back home and take rest, with Devika. Devika says she can’t take a rest at this time and says to Imlie that she should go back home and as well she also has to go to the office. Gini and Ripu have Exams. Akash enters the scene and says to Devika that he can handle the office work but Devika declines and say that she can’t give him any responsibilities without asking Rudra. Imlie leaves.

After this Akash asks Kia why all his family members do not forgive him and trust him. Imlie calls Arto to know how Rudra is doing. Artho says his father’s condition is stable now. Artho receives a call and asked to meet a person for a concert. Imlie also receives a call and someone says that she will crack the big deal as the conference has already been arranged.

Imlie calls Dhairya and tells him about the contract and the location where she going. Dhairya asks about Rudra’s state and she tells him that he is stable now and they will shift him to a nearby hospital from their house. Then Dhairya informs Chini and says to her that Imlie doesn’t get the contract. Dhairya leaves for the conference. Kala watches the news reporter talking about the Rudra Accident. Kala broke down after hearing this news. Imlie says to Devika she will be back to see Rudra after getting her contract. Imlie reaches the location and ┬áKia signals Akash to execute the plan. Kia locks Imlie in the washroom when she goes to clean her clothes.

Imlie realizes that she was locked inside the washroom and screamed for help to open the door. Dhairya hears her scream and tries to help her. on the other hand, Arto reaches the same and waits to meet the person. Chini looks at Arto and hides and thinks why is he here? In another scene Dhairya still trying to help as he also says that he can’t enter in the lady’s washroom and none is there. However, he tries to break the lock from the outside and He gets hurt and opens his shirt due to pain. Dhairya saves Imlie from falling and in that position Arto spots them together and gets shocked.


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