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Imlie Full Written Episode Update 20th July 2021: Anu Disqualifies Pallavi From The Contest


The coming episode begins where Imlie complains to goddess Sita about the circumstances which is facing nowadays. meanwhile, Pallavi comes full of Joy and says that she git the ticket for the contest and now she is ready to make them astonished through her cooking. At the same time, they read all rules and regulations where one rule is written that all the daughter-in-law has to come in wedding attire. Spontaneously Aparna says so what is the problem because Pallavi has everything.

Imlie Full Written Episode Update 20th July 2021: Anu Disqualifies Pallavi From The Contest

Then Imlie also arrives there and congrats Pallavi for the contest and she gets happy to see that everyone is praising her talent. Meantime, Aparna passes a remark that Imlie will also wear the same attire as she wore on the day of her wedding on Pagdadiya. But she does not mind it and says that she will definitely give her best to prove herself, no matter what happens. Radha passes a derogatory remark that now they do not like anything which belongs to Pagdandiya.

After a while, Tripathi’s reach the competition venue without Imlie but still, their neighbors are taunting them for her. But suddenly Aparna represents Pallavi as their daughter-in-law and says that she is a professional baker as well, so there are wide chances for her winning. But still, criticizing them and suddenly she arrives and replies to Mrs. Sharma, after seeing her Aparna gets shocked and says that why she came here in this attire and as far as she has concerned about her, she wore this dress in Aditya’s wedding too.

Later, she replies at that day she gave her right to Malini with her own hands but the time has come to take her back. She leaves for the competition where they introduce the judges, where they get shocked to see Anu Chaturvedi as a judge. Meanwhile, Aparna says that Anu will never miss the chance to make them feel let down which directly impacts Pallavi for sure. Anu starts reading the rules and says that today no one will make Indian dishes.

But Imlie gets in trouble because she does not know anything about western dishes but Pallavi consoles her that if she needs help so just asks her, without any hesitation. But as time is passing she is getting confused and decides to make pasta but she forgets how to make it. Aditya sees her gestures and understands that she does not know anything about western dishes. But Pallavi gives her cornflour and at the same time, Anu sees that and makes her disqualified on the spot. So do not miss to watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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