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Imlie Full Written Update Of 10th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Aparna Slaps Aditya


The latest episode of Imlie is going to be so emphatic as a life-ruining secret will unveil tonight. The episode begins with, Anu showing Imlie and Aditya’s intimacy’s video clip to Aditya’s family and shouts in his house. She asks the entire Tripathi family about Imlie’s husband. Meanwhile, Aditya comes and says that he is her husband. Pankaj gets angry at him for saying what is he saying. Aditya replies that he wanted to tell this from the very beginning when things started but whenever he tries to confess something strange happens.

Imlie Full Written Update Of 10th July 2021 Today's Episode: Aparna Slaps Aditya

Harish there asks Imlie what she did, Aditya comes in between them saying that Imlie has not done anything wrong. Aparna reminds that she kept on finding a married woman’s stuff in Imlie’s bag and all the related incidents. Everyone gets angry and continues to shout at them. Aditya says that they should listen to him first then should choose what they want. Meanwhile, Aparna gets angry she walks towards Adi and slaps him tightly, which leaves everyone in shock.

Malini asks her why and what she is trying to prove. Anu says that Aparna is his mother, not her’s. She says that this is the first time when the right thing is taking place in the house. Anu throws the gifted jewelry that she got from Tripathi’s. She says them to take the whole jewelry and gift it to the servant. Dev yells at her and says to shut her mouth, she looks at him, he takes her forcefully from there. Malini tells Aparna that she should listen to Anu and later should listen to Aditya and Imlie’s story and she leaves.

Aparna tells him that still even today Malini is worried for him. She recalls when she always looked into Malini’s eye she saw tears and something strange and today she got to know that Aditya was betraying not Malini but his entire family as well. After a huge dispute in the house on Aditya and Imlie’s relation, Aparna says that if Adi was forcefully married to her by Imlie’s villagers then he could file a complaint against them instead of bringing her to the home.

Aditya there shouts saying that he could not reveal the reality of his wedding, he further says that if they won’t give her respect then he won’t tolerate his wife’s insult. Pankaj says him if he is mad or not in senses because Malini is his wife. The episode ends here. Stay tuned to read the next episode of the show because in the next episode you will watch Aparna telling Imlie that the entire family is worried just because of her, and watching this will be amazing that what would be the impact of this on Imlie.


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