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Imlie Latest Episode 11th April 2023 Written Update: Arto Faces The Wrath of the Fans


hello, the audience here we are coming again to give you the latest written update on your favorite show which is Imlie. Imlie wrote an update of today’s episode 11th April 2023. The episode starts with Dhairya. Dhairya picks up his phone and says that he cannot attend the Artos concert because he can’t leave his mother at home alone. Dhairya thinks that he will do everything to let him down in his fan’s eyes and they will not praise him ever. Chini says now Arto never forgets this thing when his fan disappoints him and this happened. Shivani gives blessings to Arto.

Imlie 11th April 2023 Written Update

Arto gets shocked when he sees on his phone that he is criticized by his fans and protesting. They say that Arto cheated them by not coming to the concert. The organizer also said that Arto also betrayed him by not coming to the concert so he will be banned everywhere. Kia and Akash enjoy this incident and say Imlie put the wrong date on the concert tickets. Arto and Imlie were shocked by seeing the video. Arto fan gets very disappointed in him and tell to the reporters that they left their important work to attend his concert and he played like that with their emotions.

Imlie 11th April 2023 Written Update

Arto broke down when he see this and comes downstairs. Rudra and Devika get worried about the concert tickets’ date that why is not tomorrow’s date instead of today’s printed on the concert tickets? Kia blames Imlie for this and Arto is rescue Imlie by saying that maybe this is the printer putting blame on her and said why she did not check. Kia scolds Imlie for her mistake Devika rescues Imlie and says instead of taunting on IOmlie she could have help to her. Kia says she is not like Imlie who always wants to become a heroine. His fans protested in front of Arto’s house. Rudras says all will face the crowd and apologize. Kia says why would they face the consequences.

Imlie and Arto face the fans. Imlie says to these fans that it is her fault she didn’t check the date which was printed on the concert ticket. Imlie tried to convince his fan and said the concert will happen again. Arto asks Imlie how is it possible. Imlie says he can perform and it’s not impossible. Dhairya tells his clone to provoke his fans against Arto. Dhairya says to his inner self that he will take revenge on them at any cost. Chini clones are also there and they throw stones at them Arto and Imlie. Arto is injured while saving Imlie. Rudras get worried for both Arto And Imlie.


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