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Imlie Latest Written Update 14th May 2023


Hello viewers and readers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update today’s episode of Imlie 14 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Chini thinks that she can’t lose Aarthav by telling the truth to him. Chini goes near Arthav who also murmuring about Imlie and saying that he is missing Imlie. China thinks that it is good for Aarthav, Kairi, and Chini if Imlie stays away from them and does not know that Kairi is her daughter. Chini thinks that Imlie moved on from Aarthav and thinks if Arthav learns this truth so he will also want to return to Imlie.

Imlie Written update

Imlie Latest Written Update Today

Arthav wakes up and sees Chini who is telling him that he never leave his side. On the other hand, Imlie talks about kids who are in the summer camp and tells Rana on the video call that they are very talkative and she is really having fun with them and tells about Kairi. Imlie requested all family members to spend time with the kids in Goa and also says to Rudra to take Devika as well so she would not feel lonely. Devika refuses at first but then she agrees and Imlie says Dhairya also has to come but Devika taunts and asks if Illegitimate people are also allowed to go in the camp.

Imlie written update

Rana gets angry and asks when she stops her accusing behavior towards Dhairya it had been five years like this. Dhairaya leaves there after saying that he has urgent work in an office and Devika says her hatred for Dhairya will never go away. Kairi gets scared to think that Kids will lock again to her in the Room. Imlie encourages Imlie and talks with kids to be friends with Kairi. Imlie leaves to talk about the incident that happened to Kairi to Kairis’s family and thinks that she doesn’t want her family to know about this from the news covered by the media.

Imlie calls Kairi’s family and Chini picks up the phone and gets shocked after hearing Imlie’s voice and raises the volume of a song so Imlie can’t hear her voice and does not recognize it. Aartav wakes ups and stops the music. Imlie calls again after disconnection then Arthav picks call but that time Monica takes Imlie’s phone. Akash and Kiya taunt Dhairya that he is no less than a beggar and he takes all things which belong to Aarthav when Dhairaya overhears Akash and Kiya criticize Imlie.In Camp Imlie realize that Kairi went missing and looking for her then she sees a ball but Kairi was not there. Chini tells Kairi to go home as she is injured after falling down. Kairi says to  Chini not to be angry when Chini says you forgot your best friend and also tells Artahv that she is safe in the camp and convinces him to let her stay in the camp.


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