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Imlie Latest Written Update 16 May 2023


Hello, readers and viewers here we are again to share with you the latest written update of your favorite shows which are running at the top of Imlie. The latest written update on today’s episode of  Imlie is on 16 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene of Rudra asks about Kairi and where she belongs and if she met Kairis’s family. Imlie tells him she does not meet the Kairi family Yet. Rudra thinks Imlie and Chini should not face each other then he goes to Chini’s house where Chini is gets shocked after seeing Rudra in front of her and then he asks Chini how is she.

Imlie written update

Imlie Latest Written Update

Chini lies to Rudra that Kairi is her daughter when he asks Chini who is Kairi. Rudra hears Aarthav’s voice and when he goes to check Rudra gets happy with teary eyes that Arthav is still alive. Arthav accused his father of replacing his son’s place in Dhairya and giving betrayal him. Aarthav says that Chini and Kairi are only his worlds now not anyone else. Aartahv says he has to get back to his daughter quickly. Rudra gets happy after hearing that Kairi is his daughter but shortly gets upset to think that if Imlie will know that Aaarthav lives happily without her she will be broken down and it’s Rudra’s duty to protect Imlie from any pain she has to endure.

Imlie and family members go shopping in the mall where Imlie brought dresses for Kairi Kia taunts Imlie about it Devika feels the presence of Aarthav there and misses him. Arthav and Chini also go to the shopping mall but Arthav gets sad to think that he can’t buy expensive clothes for her daughter Kairi cheers him and selects the shirt for Aarthav by saying that she has saved up money so don’t worry about it and says he is always trying to give the best for Kairi.

Chini notices Rudra and tries to take away Aarthav from there but can’t do it. Kairi notices Rudra and runs to him then Rudra asks Kairi’s family and gets suspicious when Kairi does not mention Chini as a family member. On the other hand, Imlie gets upset and sad because they are leaving and this thing is observed by Dhairya and Kairi. So Kairi tells Dhairya to make Imlie laugh. He writes See you soon on the note and adds she should not goodbye to people whom she loves and Imlie smiles at Dhairya.

Chini tries so that no one can see Aarthav and especially Imlie so she convinces to Aartahav wears the costume of a joker and he also says he will do anything for his daughter. Meanwhile, Rudra also thinks that Dhairya gets close than her friend Imlie but thinks she will be disheartened by knowing the past.


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