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Imlie Today’s 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Atharva Rebukes Imlie


Hello, we are here again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie 14th April 2023. so let’s get started. The episode starts with the scene when Kiya tells Shivani about Expire medicine brought by Imlie for Rudra when Arto told him that Rudra is sick and needs medicine. Imlie checked and was shocked when she see expired dates on medicines. Akash says that maybe the delivery boy tried to provoke Arthav with a false claim. Artho said if he would not stop then what will happen we know. Arthav blames Imlie that she is busy with her work so much that she didn’t even check the expiry date and put his father’s (Rudra) life in danger. Imlie says Rudra is also her father how can she put her father’s life in danger?

Imlie 14th April 2023 Written Update

After this Imlie and Arto start put blames each other and shouting o n each other meanwhile Kiya and Akash smirk with a smile to see them like this. Devika tries to stop both and Arto said he will never trust her again because she broke his trust first when she messed up his concert and now did not check the expiry dates on medicines. He will not repeat his mistake again. Arthav leaves from there where he followed Imlie. Kiya and Akash celebrate their victory with dance and drink. Akash thought that this misunderstanding is created by Kia but she tells that she is not the one who is behind this. Both realize that someone else is also Arto and Imlies’ enemy.

Imlie 14th April 2023 Written Update

Chini praises Dhairya when they meet in the restaurant and says that his plan was great. Imlie and Arto take a long time to recover after this incident. Dhairya says he will attack again and again until they kneel down in front of him. Chini says Imlie will try again to get out of this situation and not accept defeat easily. Imlie trying to solve the mystery of who brought the wrong medicines to Arto when she brought the right medicines. Kiya provokes Aarthav by recalling medicine incidents and concert incidents. Arto says to Kiya leave him alone and do gossips in her room.

Arto says to Devika that he wants to apologize for his behavior and hurt Imlie again. Dhairya tells the idea of bringing on dinner to Arto and Imlie at Lilly Enclave International Hotel Rudra making their differences clear. Rudra likes his idea. Imlie tells Rudra that she got his medicines after checking the expiry date and looking at Atharva. Arthav and Imlie refuse to go with each other.


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