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Imlie Today’s Latest Episode 16th August 2021 Written Update: Imli Files Case Against Malini


The upcoming episode of Imlie starts where Imli has been filed a case against Malini and sent her behind the bars, but Tripathi’s are still, accusing Imli by saying that whatever has done that night was inappropriate but everyone was intoxicated. Even Aditya favors his family and tries to bring out Imli but she refuses to come with him, Aditya says he needs to talk to her, therefore she should come to him. Then both come outside where Aditya tells her to take back her case against Malini, but she refuses and at the same time, Mr. Desai brings Malini outside from the jail.

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Then Dev meets Malini and asks her to unleash everything if she is hiding something from him, because he wants to know the comprehensive truth. But Malini starts manipulating him by saying that being a father of her he should believe in her. Spontaneously Anu interrupts their conversation and says that still, Malini is a wife of Aditya so whatever has happened at that night was appropriate. But Dev makes them understand that Aditya loves Imli over Malini and their wedding life is going ahead. Meanwhile, Malini says that Aditya loves Malini not Imli therefore they have spent a night together.

Another side, Aditya tries to make Imli understand that her complaint is baseless enough because she filed the case on the basis of burning cloth. Further, says that he accepts his mistake but he really does not know what happened to him at that time. Because as far as he has concerned last time he saw Imli, she informs him that numerous cases regarding women harassment appear daily. But it does not mean that a lady does not know how to take advantage of someone, so it’s wrong to say that only man can do such exploits.

After a while, Anu brings Malini to the Tripathi residence and starts threatening Aparna by saying that Imli is going to such an extent with Mali, so now it’s her turn to file a case against Aditya. Radha says that they keep on urging Imli to take bake the case but she is not hearing them. Meanwhile, Anu says that she will have to take it back because no lawyer will fight for her and extempore KC (Kunal Chauhan) takes place there. Anu gets shocked along with Malini because they did not expect him there, meanwhile, he informs that he is fighting Imli’s case. So watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details stay connected with us.


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