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Imlie Today’s Latest Written Update 26th August 2021 Episode: Imli Makes Everyone Shocked


The upcoming episode of Imlie will begin where Imli arrives in a unique avatar and everyone gets shocked to see her because her beauty is defeating everyone. Meanwhile, Aparna taunts her by saying that clothes will never change her worth spontaneously she replies that even if it does not change her worth, but it can change their perspective towards her. Aparna and Radha ask the reason behind this transformation and she takes Malini’s name that she advised her to change her look. Malini is getting jealous to see Imli and Aditya happily together and tries to leave the place.

Imlie 26th august 2021

Then Imli’s granny comes and asks her to stay because worship is going on and addresses her Kalpna, Malini corrects her and makes her familiar with her real identity. After a while, they go to have breakfast, and meantime, granny asks Imli about her wedding rituals. But Rupali answers that there were no rituals have been done by them due to circumstances. Hence, she announces arranging a ritual ceremony but Aparna does not like her decision and stands up by saying that she does not accept her as her daughter-in-law so she will not be a part of the rituals at all.

At the same time, Aparna leaves the place and as same as Radha and the rest of the family do because they do not have the interest to sit with her granny. But Nishant, Rupali sit with her and assures her to manage everything so just leave it to them. Malini gets frustrated to hear all this and decides to go to her mother’s house for a while, because granny taunts her that she can invite Anu too for the function. When she reaches her house Anu gets angry to see her because she took a pledge to throw Imlie outside.

Then Imli goes into her room and sees that a bulb is not working properly hence, she tries to replace it but her hand is not reaching there. Aditya sees everything and helps her and a romantic angel takes place between the two, another side, Rupali, Sunder, and Nishant prepares the stage for the function. Meanwhile, Nishant brings a ring and keeps it on the table, and asks them to take care of it. But Rupali goes somewhere and Sunder goes into the kitchen because of which, Malini comes and takes the ring. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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