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Imlie Today’s Written Episode & Update 24th July 2021: Aparna Decides To Defeat Imli


The recent episode of Imlie will start where Aditya keeps on trying to make a call to Malini but she is not receiving, because she is upset enough. Imlie consoles him by saying that she will definitely forgive him if he will apologize to her wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, She goes to hide her first medal but Aditya sees and asks why she is doing all this, she replies that it’s not her win. She will win when the entire family accepts her, at the same time she is thinking that how she will convince Aparna to participate with her.

Imlie Today's Written Episode & Update 24th July 2021: Aparna Decides To Defeat Imli

On another side, Aparna is hearing everything and decides to participate with her but not to make Imlie win, but to get her defeated so that, she can tell her that she is not even fit to be a maid. After a while, they reach the location of the contest where Aditya decides to tell her everything about his mother. But she stops him by saying that she knows everything about her because it’s been plenty of months with staying with them. Anu also thinking that now Tripathi’s family hates her so there is no possibility of her winning.

After that, the Host asks the finalist to come on the stage for competing because time is passing, and starts the questioning round. Under which, the wrong answerer will have to eat green chilies, then they ask a few questions to them and both give answer correctly. But ahead the competition becomes tricky where Anu pokes her nose and says that she will ask questions to Imlie. Therefore she asks what is that favorite thing of Aparna towards her family, Rupali says it’s not right to ask tough questions.

Then Imlie recalls that Aparna used to tell his husband that her family is the first priority over everything. Hence, she writes it but Aparna makes her answer the wrong deliberately because at any cost she can not let her win no matter what happens. She asks Aparna why she changed her answer, Aparna replies that her Family has changed now so the answer changed too. Meanwhile, the host says that as she gave the wrong answer so Aparna will have to eat chilies.

After seeing all this, Anu gets happy because everything is going as same as she thought, and literally Aparna is sticking to her words. Later, they ask Imlie that what is the too special date of Aparna, Imlie writes about Aditya’s birthday but Aparna again proves her wrong by saying that Aditya’s first wedding date is special for her. Meantime, Rupali says that why she is doing all this and meanwhile, Aditya says that her mother is ready to eat chilies but does not want to let her win. So do not miss to watch it on Starplus at 08:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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