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Imlie Today’s Written Updates: Malini Addresses Imli Thief 20th August 2021 Episode


The recent episode of Imlie begins where all three thieves pushed Imli and she gets injured, but meanwhile, Aditya comes there and gets trepidation while seeing everything. At the same time, Imli unleashes everything that these three thieves are trying to steal all jewelry hence, she fought and took them back. On another side, Dev brings Mithi to the sitting area and on the television where Imli’s bravery is being appreciated by the news anchor. Mithi and Dev both get happy to see and meantime, Dev says look at their daughter’s bravery to save her family.


But Anu does not like it at all and therefore she switches off television by saying that due to TRP rating they can do everything. Spontaneously Dev says that why she is getting jealous despite knowing Imli’s bravery. Anu replies that Imli did not do anything and accuses Mithi that these thieves look like Pagdandiya’s residence, so maybe they are team members of Imli. But Mithi replies to Anu that she can make any story as she wants but she also knows that Imli is not that girl who can step back easily. Because she knows how to get her rights so there is no need to execute any plan.

Another side, Aditya- Imli, and Nishant being the family members back to the Tripathy house where Aparna and Radha say that they are having a headache. Meanwhile, they thank God but Nishant interrupts by saying that Imli has done all this for their safety. At the same time, Imli gives jewelry to Aparna but she does not like it and says to Radha that they should check the jewelry because it’s too precious. But Malini’s Necklace gets misplaced, and she gets shocked and asks everyone about it because they can not lose it at any cost.

After a while, Malini and Aditya come to Imli’s room for asking her because she snatched the jewelry bag back from thieves. At the same time, Malini sees her necklace in Imli’s cloth and starts accusing her of a thief but Aditya denies accepting it. Another side, Anu calls Kunal and asks him that she wants to file a case against Mithi but Kunal says that there is no meaning to file this kind of case. Then Annu starts insulting him and addresses him as useless, but Kunal threatens Anu by saying that if she files a case against Imli or her mother so he will sue her for sure. So do not miss watching it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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