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Imlie Written Episode Today’s 19th August 2021 Update: Mithi Exposes Malini


The coming episode of Imlie will begin where Mithi decides to leave Chaturvedi’s house and wonders that she will have to make Aditya familiar with Malini’s real side. Extempore both Adity and Imli take place and find her crying meanwhile, Aditya asks her to take some rest instead of roaming here and there. Spontaneously, Mithi says that Malini has decided to break their relationship hence, she is doing such things that will create differences between the two. Aditya refuses to accept and says it’s not like this she is understanding, at the same time, Mithi Unleashes that Malini came Pagdandiya.

Imlie 19th august 2021

After hearing this, both Aditya and Imli get shocked because they did not expect it but he says that she had work, hence she would have been gone there. Meanwhile, Aditya says that they should talk to Malini directly because only she is the one who can clear this confusion. Then he brings them and asks Malini why she went to Pagdandiya and introduced herself wrong, Malini replies that because she wanted to know Imli’s real identity. Because somewhere she was suspicious that Dev is a real father of her, so hence only for the confirmation she went there.

Then Mithi gets a sigh of relief because somewhere her faith has back for Malini and therefore she apologizes her too, by saying that she got misunderstood so please forgive her. Meanwhile, Anu arrives and says that Malini is a too pure soul & this is the reason that everyone knows how to take her advantage. But Aditya interrupts her and says that no one is taking her advantage, so please stop manipulating Malini. Anu gets happy inwardly that everything is going on the same as she wants because Mithi also agrees to stay with them.

Another side, Aparna’s relative invites her to a function of her grandchild and forces her to come definitely with family. The next morning Aparna asks everyone to get ready as soon as possible, Meanwhile, she gives a heavy necklace to Malini. So that, Imli can feel humiliated but Rupali gives her too but she refuses to wear it by saying that she has “Mangal Sutra” and it’s enough. Then they leave and suddenly their car gets punctured so Nishu and Aditya go to take Mechanic. Meanwhile, a few lady thieves come and make them fainted besides Imli because she is standing ahead, and starts stealing their jewellery. So watch it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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