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Imlie Written Update 15th May 2023: Rudra Meets Chini


Today we are going to share with you the latest written update today episode of Imlie 115 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Arthav asks Kairi to promise him that she will not hurt herself again and take care of herself and asks to bye Chini. Imlie does not notice them while passing. Chini gets anxious and concerned that Kairi doesn’t want to come home and wants to stay at this camp. Aarthav says she will return home after this camp for sure.

Ranna arrives at camp and Kairi says I will identify them and she says that Rudra is a grandfather, Devika is a grandmother, Aakash is tau ji and Kiya is taiji. Akash asks Kairi how she knows all of them she knows him. Kairi says that her princess Aunty Imlie already inform her and told her about them.

Imlie written update

sends all family members to get freshen up. Kairi says to Imlie that he knows Dhairya when he reached next after Rannas. Kairi says he is the one whose photo is in Imlie’s locket and Imlie gets restless and says to Kairi she talk with her later and send Dhairya into his room. Chini gets restless and thinks she has to bring Kairi home at any cost if she lives with Imlie and if leaves with Imlie. Chini gets Annu’s calls but Chini says she does not want to talk and that she is busy right now Chini gets shocked after learning that Anu also knows that Kairi is with Imlie. Chini asks how she does know that then Anu gives a speech on being a mother and also love for their children and defines her love for Chini.

Imlie Written update

Dhairaya sees Imlie having fun with the Kids and he smiles after seeing Imlie happy like this and this thing is noticed by Kairi. Kairi asks Dhairaya if he wants to become her princess aunty prince. Dhairya tells Kairi that he wants to but can’t and that he will tell this Imlie. Kairi says Imlie like hide seek games so you should be playing this game with her. Dhairya says he is already played hide and seek for many years but get failed every time.

Kairi says her father sings well so you just lip sync the song of her father and hide behind the tree. Kairi takes a tab from the reception and plays the song Hale dil ko sukoon chahiye…Rudra, Devika, and Rudra come outside after hearing this song and recall Aarthav but get disappointed when Dhiarya comes out and tells them it was playing on someone else phone.

At the end of the episode, Rudra asks Kairi about Chii which he sees in the photo of Chini’s purse which Kairi wants to return and Rudra asks her to take him with her. He follows Kairi to her house and calls Chin. Chini gets shocked and stunned after seeing standing Rudra in front of her. Chini escapes from there when she realizes that Rudra’s mind is diverted. Rudras thinks that he should not let Imlie meets Chini.



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