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Imlie Written Update 17 May 2023: Today’s Episode


The latest written update of Imlie on today’s episode is on 17 May 2023. The Episode starts with the scene when the party goes on, Arthav bumps into Imlie on the dance floor. Imlie is surprised to see him and tries to avoid him, but Arthav recognizes her and pulls her aside to talk to her. Chini witnesses this from a distance and worries that Arthav may find out the truth about Imlie’s background. Arthav asks Imlie why she didn’t tell him about the summer camp and why she is working there.

Imlie tries to dodge the question and tells him that she is just helping out with the kids. Arthav tells her that he needs to speak with her after the party and leaves. The party continues and Rudra entertains the children with his jokes and antics. Kiya is impressed with his performance and starts to look at him in a different light.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 17 May 2023

Arthav is touched by Imlie’s sincerity and tells her that he is proud of her. He apologizes for doubting her and promises to support her in whatever she wants to do. Imlie smiles and thanks him for being such a good friend. The program ends and the children along with Imlie, Chini, and Atharv start to leave. Before leaving, Kairi requests Imlie to prepare some yummy food for everyone. Imlie agrees and asks her what she would like to have. Kairi says she wants to have Aloo Paratha. As Kairi continues her speech, Imlie searches for her everywhere. She bumps into Rudra, who notices her worried face and asks her what’s wrong. Imlie tells him that she can’t find Kairi anywhere and Rudra vows to help her search for her. They split up and continue searching.

Chini grows restless as she fears she may get caught. She tries to signal to Kairi to hurry up with her speech but Kairi continues speaking. Just as she finishes, Imlie spots her from a distance and runs toward her. Chini sees her and tries to leave but Rudra intercepts her and confronts her about Kairi’s real identity and her intentions. Chini confesses that Kairi is indeed her daughter and she was planning to take her away from Imlie and Arto. She reveals that she was going through a financial crisis and needed the money that Rudra offered. Rudra feels sorry for her and offers to help her instead of giving her the money. He also requests Imlie to forgive her and she agrees.

At the end of the episode, Kairi goes on the stage and talk and talks about her father and family ad also talk about Imlie where Arthav and Chini ask each other whom Kairi is talking about and Arthav see Imlie when she turns to see Kairis father. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to the Social telecast.


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