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Imlie Written Update 18 May 2023: Today’s Episode


Hello, here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on your all favorite show which is trending and telecast on Starplus Imlie. The latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie is 18 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Imlie thanks Sita Maiya for saving her locket Dhairya which is stuck into one of the gifts which are given by the students to Imlie as a farewell present from the Summer camp. Imlie feels sad thinking about parting ways with children. Dhairya cheers her up.

Imlie Written update

Imlie Written Update 18 May 2023

Rudra asks Imlie to distribute the gifts to the kids and then Kairi asks her for her own gift and she gives her to Kairi. Rudra says to Imlie  Kairi family is waiting for her so you should let her go. Imlie tells Dhairya she will miss Kairi terribly and feels like she is separating from her own daughter. Rudra says she already did and let her go as her family is waiting for her. Kairi leaves. Dhairya asks Imlie if she is fine.

Imlie written updates

Imlie says she doesn’t want to part ways with Imlie. Dhairya suggests she meet Kairi’s parents once and say her proper goodbye. Arto and Chini get shocked to see Imllie with Kairi when Imlie runs to help Kairi while she screams after falling and then Chini picks Kairi up silently so and leaves and Imlie gets heartbroken.

Imlie looks at Atharva’s photo in her locket and thinks why did he leave her alone? Atharva walks in the rain recalling Imlie’s betrayal. Imlie notices Kairi left her guitar there and checks Kairi’s drawing for her. She calls Kairi’s papa/Atharva and says she is the summer camp’s director Imlie. Arthav gets shocked after hearing Imlie’s voice.

On the next day, Arthav will notice the locket stuck in Kairis’s clothes and asks Kairi whose locket is it. Kairi tells him that is her princess Aunty Locket and her princess photo has in it that she talks to him daily. The episode ends here. Stay with us for more updates and news from all corners of the world and stay tuned to Social telecasts. Thank you for being a patient reader.


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