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Imlie Written Update 20 June 2023: Today’s Episode


The latest written episode on today’s episode of Imllie¬† 20 June 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Imlie promise to Kairi they will find together Arthava. Chini sends Kairi to her room and asks Imlie to leave them they will search for Arthava. Kairi notices that Imlie wearing the same bracelet as Paty when she found Kairi on the balcony and Kairi asks her about the bracelet.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 20 June 2023

Chini thinks Arthav never do like this to her which he did to Imlie in the past and she sees Dhairya is going somewhere and stops him then she asks him where he is going then Djairya makes excuses to her. Chini leaves from there and Dhairya calls out Imlie. Imlie feels relieved and says thank god Chini did not catch her.

Imlie Written update

Dhairya says he knows where she is going and he cant let her go alone even though you says no to me. On the other hand, Reyaansh tears the poster of Arthav and says he can’t let the position get back to Arthav otherwise his career will ruin and his value become less tries to delete the CCTV footage in the control room with Mr Mehata but Dhairya and Imlie reached there and ask questions to him. Reyaansh explains he is worried for Arthav and he was trying to check the CCTV footage. Reyaansh delete the footage hidingly and Imlie noticed whereon hour footage is.

Imlie gets restless and worries that Aarthav is in danger but both Dhairya and Imlie get shocked after hearing this Chini tells the police that she suspects Imlie kidnapped Arthav because she is not happy with his second marriage and Devika also supports Chini.

Kia says it can be possible as she has contact with a goon when she used to do a sting operation. Dhairya supports Imllie and shut up Kia. Imlie thinks about how she helped and find out about Arthav so she ran away and the lady constable tells this to the member Imlie finds guilty thus she disappeared and Rudra tells there must be a reason for doing this. Devika tells Rudra you can’t see the true colours of Imlie even now. Then Imlie comes disguised as Paty and consoles Devika Arthav will come back soon. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned to the social telecast.


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