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Imlie Written Update 21st May 2023: Today’s Episode


The episode starts with Imlie, Imlie expresses to Dhairya her inability to comprehend his words. Dhairya acknowledges her as an invaluable source of hope and prays for her. He then takes a ring and pops the big question while on bended knee. Devika inquires from Shivani if Imlie is joining them, with Shivani reveals that Imlie is engaged in a conversation with Dhairya. Devika opines that they could converse just as well at home. Rudra hopes that Imlie accepts Atharva’s proposal, enabling her to progress in life. Atharva makes his way towards the summer camp, still pondering about his failure to comprehend Imlie five years prior. Shivani and Devika admire Atharva carrying Kairi, admiring how well they look as a father-daughter pair.

Imlie written update

Imlie loses her balance and Dhairya protects her, while Atharva appears on the scene. Imlie confides in Dhairya that she no longer has feelings for Atharva, causing him to feel heartbroken and depart while dropping her locket. Atharva realizes that his faith in Imlie’s love for him was misplaced. However, Imlie tells Dhairya that Atharva is still very important to her and is an essential part of her life. Atharva feels betrayed by Imlie and loses hope that she will never return to him. Imlie asserts that she cannot marry Dhairya, and he consoles her by insisting that Atharva will not return. Imlie affirms that Atharva is still her friend, her love, her husband, and everything to her until the end. She asks Dhairya to leave her alone for some time. Dhairya decides to let Imlie continue to love Atharva while he discovers a new love for her.

Imlie searches for her locket. While looking at a picture of Atharva, she reflects on how Seeta Maiya continuously reunites them despite his attempts to leave her. Atharva believes that fate brought Kairi into Imlie’s life, but he vows to protect Kairi from her. Chini is delighted that Atharva and Kairi have chosen her and are returning to her. Anu urges Chini to marry Atharva before his reunion with Imlie, but Chini assures her that Atharva is coming back to her, rejecting Imlie.

Atharva and Kairi take shelter in a hut as they were caught in a severe storm. Kairi was scared upon hearing about the thunderstorm. Atharva attempted to lift her spirits by singing a song. He reflected on how he managed to overcome previous challenges and wondered how he would deal with yet another hardship. And the episode ends here.


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