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Imlie Written Update 22nd April 2023: Arto Tries To Show Love


Hello, Readers and viewers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of your favorite show which is running on the Top Shows Imlie. so let’s get started here is the latest written update on Imlie Today’s episode of 22 April 2023. The episode starts with the scene where Arto tells Devika that he only gets half part of the picture not the Full. In the picture which is half torn Devika sees Rudra standing.

Imlie Written update 22 April 2022

Devika thinks that Rudra never took a picture like this with Devika ever so who is standing beside him? Arto says to Devika don’t think about this so much and don’t be worried. Devika tells Arto that she is thinking if Rudra tells them about this Photo.

Imlie Written Update Of Today’s Episode

The scene comes from Kala and Dhairya’s conversation where Kala says to Dhairya that he has to fulfill his father’s demand which he requests for the first time and tells him to pack the luggage. she says that they are leaving . But Dhairya not convince by his mother’s telling and he calls the Chini and tells everything that Rudra says to Kala. Dhairya tells

Chinni that  Kala his mother again got fooled by Rudra but he will not see things silently and he will give justice to his mother by taking revenge on them. Chinni suggests to Dhairya that he should tell the truth direct to Arto with unknown numbers.

Imlie Written Update: Next Scene

Then the scene shifts to Arto when he tries to tell him his love for Imlie but Dhairya calls Arto in the middle when he tries to tell love for Imlie. Arto can’t hear anything due to a network issue when Dhairya says to him on the phone that he is Rudra’s illegitimate son. Dhairya cuts the call angrily and gets frustrated. Dhairya gets slapped by his mother Kala and says you trying to break the promise to Rudra. Kala was convinced to Dhairya for leaving the place and not tell the truth to everyone. Dhairya hugs her.

Then the scene shifts to Arto where he says that when he tries to tell his love to Imlie anyone comes in the middle of this always. Imie says she does not understand what he wants to say. Arto replies why are you not understanding now what I want to say as you used before. Then Arto gets down on his knees and proposes to Imlie. He says he loves her and due to many misunderstandings, they couldn’t start their married life on a happy note. Imlie says Imlie doesn’t need anything in life but she got everything today. They spend their lovely and romantic time with each other. They come closer and try to kiss each other.


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