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Imlie Written Update 26th May 2023


In the latest episode of Imlie on May 26th, 2023, Imlie is taken aback when she notices a sleeping infant covered in red cloth in the seat behind her. This immediately reminds her of Kerry, who used to sleep in a similar position. As she gives money to a beggar, thoughts about how connected she feels to Kerry run through her mind. While the Rana family enjoys their morning tea, Devika expresses her joy about their trip to Goa and how it strengthened her bond with Atharva.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 26th May 2023

As the bus resumes its journey, Kerry wakes up and urges the driver to stop. The conductor notices Kerry and inquires about her companion, to which Kerry points out her princess mother in the front seat. Kerry steps off the bus as Imlie waits for her cab. Upon the arrival of the cab, the driver asks Imlie to leave her luggage in the backseat. Meanwhile, Kerry attempts to sneak into the car without revealing her presence to Imlie. Imlie sits beside the driver, while Kerry hurriedly slips into the backseat and whispers about meeting her mother soon.

Rudhra confesses to being the culprit of the Rana family’s misery and acknowledges the repercussions of his actions. Imlie, on the other hand, reaches her destination and is overwhelmed with memories of Atharva as she unlocks the door. Kerry is taken aback by the size of the house where her mother resides. Meanwhile, Cheeni speaks with Anu, who expresses her hope that Kerry never returns due to their unluckiness with both Imlie and herself. She urges Cheeni to get close to Atharva, but Cheeni reveals that without Kerry, they are both alone, notifying Atharva of Kerry’s absence as he approaches.

Kerry becomes thrilled upon entering the baby’s room and looking at the toys but quickly hides behind the curtains upon hearing footsteps. Upon entering the room, Imlie sobs as she takes her baby’s cloth. Upon viewing Atharva’s photo frame, she murmurs about his desertion of Devika. Frustrated, Atharva slams a chair and asserts that Cheeni is irresponsible for not taking care of Kerry. He confirms that Cheeni is not Kerry’s mother, which surprises her and elicits tears as Anu listens to their heated exchange. In her dream, Imlie envisions Atharva holding her hand and providing comfort while Keya yells in the background. Capturing everyone’s attention, she points out the footprints and alerts them to a break-in at their residence. And the episode ends here.


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