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Imlie Written Update 27th May 2023: Today’s Episode


In the latest episode of Imlie on 27th May 2023, the small footprints on the ground caught everyone’s attention, leaving them in awe. Divya went on to touch her head to the floor, taking blessings and announcing that Goddess Sita has visited their home. She excitedly took pictures of the footprints, planning to share them with her social groups, hoping to make their house a sacred temple.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 27th May 2023

Divya also hinted at some wonderful news that made Keya a little anxious. While Imlie speculated that it must have been a worker’s child, Divya adamantly insisted that Sita Maiya has arrived to witness the Puja. After everyone left the room, Dhairya apologized to Imlie for hiding the truth, but Imlie’s response was aggressive she expressed disappointment in him and regretted trusting him as her best friend.

She argues that her concern is only focused on her baby. Atharva, on the other hand, maintains a distance from Cheeni and berates her for neglecting Kerry and being an untrustworthy parent. He leaves to search for Kerry, but Cheeni implores him to allow her to accompany him. Though, Atharva said her to stay away from him and Kerry.

Kerry wanders to the Rana residence and, she enters a room where Devika cries as she hangs on to a photo of Atharva, revealing that she conducted a Puja to exorcise constant visions of him in Goa. Kerry becomes curious upon seeing the guitars and keyboards, wondering whose they belong to. As she hits a key on one of the keyboards, she quickly runs away.

Meanwhile, Devika is alone in the room and is surprised by Kerry’s abrupt departure. Before she can investigate, Shivani interrupts her and urges her to focus on the upcoming Puja. Later, Shivani notices Imlie leaving with a bag and inquires about her whereabouts.

Imlie reveals that she is headed to the police station to report her missing child. Shivani advises her to stay at home and assist Devika instead. Imlie starts singing the Aarti while Kerry sneaks behind the statue of Goddess Sita to steal some sweets due to her hunger. Imlie shares her belief that Sita Maiya resides in the hearts of everyone and encourages Devya to overcome the prejudice that exists.

Cheeni apologizes to Atharva for her lack of responsibility, but he highlights how she has been caring for him and Kerry for five years. Later, Imlie visits the police station and pleads with the officers to locate her baby, but instead, they joking her, requesting that she draw a sketch of the child’s face. And the episode ends here.


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