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Imlie Written Update 28 May 2023: Today’s Episode


In the latest episode of 28th May 2023 of Imlie, Imlie asks the inspector for any updates about her missing daughter, but they haven’t found her through a photo. The constables suggest making a sketch and Imlie is shocked to recognize Kairi in it. Meanwhile, Kairi wakes up in a strange place and meets a servant who takes her to a group of women and children. Kairi points out a child before hiding. Imlie remembers Atharva revealing that Kairi is Chini’s daughter and wonders if they look alike. The inspector jokes about Imlie basing Kairi’s likeness on a sketch. On the other hand, Atharva reports Kairi missing, prompting Inspector to suspect a kidnapping.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update Today

The inspector assures the family that he will send out information to the surrounding areas to help locate Kairi. Chini remains hopeful that Kairi will return home soon, but Atharva is clearly upset and storms out. Chini fears that Imlie may have taken Kairi with her, causing her life to spiral once again. Anu contacts Chini and tells her that she overheard Arto say she is only Kairi’s caretaker. Chini is surprised and asks how she knows, to which Anu explains their conversation.

Imlie written updates

Anu anticipates Chini’s eventual return and believes that she may have nowhere else to go. Meanwhile, Anu’s friends bring her attention to Divya Rana’s social media post about a visit from Devi Maa. Anu considers the possibility of Kairi being brought home by Imlie, while her friends joke about visiting the Rana residency. Anu expresses her desire to meet Devi Maa in person and plans to visit the Rana residency.

Imlie returns home where Shivani said there is no Prasad left as she arrived late. Devika taunts Imlie for missing the family pooja, but Shivani urges Imlie not to pay attention to her. Dhairya offers Imlie some Prasad and tells her she deserves it for Atharva’s pooja. However, Imlie lashes out at him again and reveals the truth that Atharva is alive, vowing to inform Devika. Rudra intervenes and pleads with Imlie to keep the truth hidden from Devika. Rudra apologizes to Dhairya for causing misunderstandings with Imlie.

Imlie spots Kairi playing with a little girl named Jia, but Kairi quickly hides. Jia introduces herself as Kairi and her mother explains Jia’s mischievous nature, similar to her father’s. Kairi desperately searches for her mother but cannot identify her among the family ladies’ differential behavior. She returns to Imlie’s room feeling disheartened. Meanwhile, Imlie contemplates Kairi’s sketch and wonders if her daughter will be like her. Atharva visits the temple and prays for a reunion with his daughter while acknowledging the difficulties that lie ahead. He also requests Devimaa to return Kairi to him as he separated her from her mother. And the episode ends here.


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