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Imlie Written Update 29 May 2023: Today’s Episode


Imlie is taken aback to find Kairi in her room, and questions if it is really her. Kairi greets her with a hug and calls her princess mamma. Imlie inquires about Kairi’s sudden arrival and the whereabouts of her father. Kairi explains the circumstances that brought her here but hesitate to reveal the truth. Imlie remarks that Kairi is acting like a monkey, to which Kairi agrees recalling her father’s similar comment.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 29 May 2023

Imlie suggests informing Kairi’s family of her presence, however, Kairi persuades her to wait a few days and enjoy their time together. Meanwhile, Anu spots Kairi with Imlie in her room and sends a photo to Chini. Startled by the picture, Chini decides to keep Kairi’s information hidden from Atharva to avoid any further complications.

Dhairya and Rudra acknowledge their mistakes for hiding Atharva’s truth from Imlie and agree to apologize to her. Imlie asks for her father’s number, mentioning that just as she was worried about her guitar, her loved ones are worried about her. Rudra explains to Imlie that they were unjust in hiding Atharva’s truth, and asks for her forgiveness. Imlie, looking at Kairi, forgives them. However, when they leave, Imlie realizes Kairi is missing.

Sugar approaches Anu for help in bringing Carrie back to Goa. Anu argues for a while and then agrees, and Imlie finds Carrie in the dining hall. Kerry tells her she is very hungry. The family attends dinner and Rudra comments on the rare opportunity to eat together. Imlie fills her plate and Shivani suggests sharing to reduce dishwashing. Kerry hides, and Imlie silently feeds her. Kairi requests sweets and Imlie drags her to the floor to continue eating. Rudra joins, but Dhairya refuses due to knee pain. Devika gets emotional and leaves from there.

After finishing their dinner, Imlie tries to put Carrie to sleep. While Imlie is putting Kerry to sleep, Carrie asks why Grandma suddenly left the table during the meal. After Imlie answers her question, Imlie reveals that Devika, a family friend, got emotional because of her estranged son. Upon request, Imlie sings a soothing ballad, Mere Ghar Aayee Ek Nahi Pari…, which helps Carey to fall asleep. He falls asleep quickly listening to this song. Thereafter, Imlie retrieves Atharv’s contact information from the summer camp records and contacts him. And the episode ends here. Here we have shared the complete information with you about Imlie Serial. Follow for more updates.


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