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Imlie Written Update 30th May 2023: Today’s Episode


In the latest episode 30th May 2023 of Imlie start when The inspector questions Atharv about Carrie’s happiness and possible enemies who could have kidnapped her. Atharv explains that he loves Kairi and is not aware of any enemy. Chini thinks she knows Carrie’s location but Imlie’s call interrupts them. Atharv gets angry with the inspector but Chini reminds him to show respect. Atharv apologizes and vows to never force himself on Carrie again. Imlie calls twice but hangs up when she learns that Carrie is missing and gets upset. She doesn’t understand what she will do now, how will she find Kerry.

Imlie written update

Imlie Written Update 30th May 2023

Anu kidnaps Kairi using her puppet servant and car. Imlie searches for Kairi and informs Dhairya about it. He questions Imlie’s presence and she clarifies that she saw Kairi and even put her to sleep with a lullaby. Dhairya dismisses her in confusion. Imlie walks away, frustrated with his lack of belief. Meanwhile, the police call Atharva to the station and inform him that Kairi was spotted on a bus to Delhi with a lady, confirmed by the conductor. Atharva confirms Imlie’s name on the passenger list and watches the CCTV footage with the police. Furious with Imlie’s actions, Atharva vows to do everything in his power to save his daughter.

Anu informs Chini about booking an early morning flight ticket for her and requests her pick up Kairi. Chini immediately agrees and heads towards the airport. Anu becomes envious upon seeing Kairi sleeping soundly, but Kairi wakes up and inquires about her whereabouts. Anu tells her that they are at her home, but Kairi recalls traveling from princess aunty’s home to bad aunty’s home, causing trouble. Anu frantically searches for Kairi while Dhairya apologizes for not believing her and offers his assistance. They review CCTV footage and discover a person abducting Kairi. Meanwhile, Kairi draws a sketch of Seeta Maiya, stating that she scares off bad aunty and harasses Anu.

Imlie arrives at the police station to report Kairi’s kidnapping and provides CCTV footage and a sketch of the child. The inspector inquires about the sketch, and Imlie confirms that she had made it when reporting a missing person five years ago, but Kairi is not her daughter. As a result, the inspector refuses to accept the complaint, and a constable behaves inappropriately towards Imlie. Dhairya intervenes and presents CCTV footage of the constable’s misconduct, coercing the inspector to register the complaint. Meanwhile, Anu requests Chini to retrieve Kairi, who continues to create trouble. Nevertheless, Chini takes pleasure in her mischief and plots to retrieve the child shortly. Atharva overhears her schemes. And the episode ends here.


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