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Imlie Written Update 4th May 2023: Full Today’s Episode


Here we are going to share an amazing update. The written updates of the Imli episode. The episode starts with Atharva, So, Atharva, and Cheeni at the temple praying for Kerry. When they listen to a man who was arguing with the priest over the singer’s absence. Atharva saw this as an opportunity and offered to sing, which the priest accepted. Meanwhile, Imlie was also present, praying for Mrs. Pushpa and her baby. Scroll up to read more.

Atharva sang with dedication and faith, Imlie was amazed to hear the same tune from a distance. She became uneasy and started looking around randomly, while a lady urged her to tie a thread to a tree and make a wish. Cheeni was also performing the same ritual under the same tree. Cheen also tied her thread. Scroll up to read more.

Imlie written update

After the Bhajan, Atharva received heaps of praise for his singing skills. Imlie was still confused and wanted to check who was singing, but the crowd was too thick she didn’t see him. After that, an employee informed her of Pushpa’s condition and said her to go to the hospital. Atharva was nervous when he heard someone calling Imlie’s name.

Imlie Written Update 4th May 2023

At the hospital, Imlie became emotional when she saw Pushpa and her baby. She prayed to god to bring back her lost a baby and fill her life with happiness. Meanwhile, Atharva and Cheeni were walking down the temple. Cheeni noticed Atharva’s worried. Cheeni asked him about Kerry leaving for summer camp. Atharva prayed for Kerry’s safety and later he said to Cheeni that she was going to summer camp.

Cheeni reaches Kerry’s summer camp. Chheni asked Kerry, she was so worried about her. Because she fears that she lost Kerry. Atharva declines the idea due to his lack of trust in the concept of family. Meanwhile, Imlie welcomes the kids to the summer camp 2023 on the bus. Atharva and Cheeni are at the bus stop with Kerry when Albert demands payment for rent. Atharva begs for two days, but Albert didn’t compromise with Atharva.

Atharva apologized to Kerry because he had not sent her to the camp, but unfortunately, when the bus arrived, Cheeni had to inform the employee that Kerry wouldn’t be able to go. Imlie noticed Kerry from the bus but was distracted on the phone with Dhairya. At the camp, Imlie had a great time to spend with the kids. Cheeni tried to console Atharva, but he was not able to send Kerry to the camp. Here we have shared all the information about Imlie’s episode. Follow for more.


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