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Imlie Written Update 5 June 2023: Today’s Episode


The latest written update on today’s episode of Imlie is on 5 June 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Imlie asks Arto if she was a bad person and why Kairi loves her and is attached to her. Arthav replies that it is not a miracle and that maybe Kairi was not aware of Imlie. She just attracts to as student and teacher relationship.

Imlie written update

Arthav is just about to reveal the Kairi truth that Imlie is her mother but stopped and then both Imlie and Arthav declare to each other that they will only talk related to Kiari, not any other things. Arthav thinks Kairis’s identity truth should not be exposed and he has to take Kairi far away from Imlie.

Imlie Written Update 5 June 2023

Kairi and Imlie both glare out the window in wrath and when they get to the Rana house, Imlie dresses up as a comical clown and makes things fun for Kairi. Kairi upon seeing Imlie smiles broadly and declares Her princess Mumma is finally back.

Imlie Written update

kairi sits on Imlies lap and kisses her cheeks saying that now she will get well soon because she gets her vitamins. Imlie dance and everyone join her to make Kairi happier but Chini feels jealous after seeing Imlie and Kairis bond Rudra thinks even though Chini is her mother but she gets more attracted to Imlie as Imlie is Kairi’s mother.

After a while, Chini tells to Kairi to sleep with her and suddenly Imllie comes to Kairi to give medicine to her and Kairi refuses Chini and says that she needs Imlie. Arthav tries to convince Kiari that there is no need for Imlie but Kairi is not convinced and insists to Imlie sleep with her.

Aarthav requested Imlie not to leave for the sake of Kairi. On the other hand, Devika prepares sweets dishes for Arthav. Devika begins taunting and passing comments on Imlie for not caring that Arthav arrived Rudra defends Imlie by saying why you can’t see Imllies pain that she has been suffering for five years and now Arthav moved on with Chini.

Devika repeats the thing that why Imlie did not stop Arthav when he was leaving if she loves him so much then Rudra gets shocked after hearing Devika says that Imlie Should divorce Aarthav and not come in between Arthav and Chini. Rudra thinks he has to do a DNA test so he will clear all doubts regarding Kairis’s mother’s truth.

Cheeni mutters how she is only a character in this story, but Imlie and Atharva are real, and as she hits something, the sound wakes Imlie. Atharva and Devika invite Chini to join them, and she serves them exquisite food.

Kairi enters with Imlie there and says to everyone laugh and all will do the same as Kairi said. All laugh for Kairi but everyone gets worried when Kairi coughs very badly.


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