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Imlie Written Update 5th May 2023: Today’s Episode


Hello, readers and viewers here we are again to give you the latest written update of your all favorite shows and today we come with today’s episode of IMLIE 5 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Aathav goes to the near beach and recalls his moments with Imlie and in the background, the song is playing Lo maan liya Hamne. He gets out of his imagination when Chini comes to him. On the other side in Rudras house Devika’s condition gets unwell but she resists that she is fine.

Imlie written update

Dhairya says you are sweating we should call the doctor but Devika says don’t show his fake concern and that he is not her family. After a few minutes, Devika gets fainted while she felt pain in her left hand and repeatedly calls Arthav’s name.

Imlie Written Update 5th May 2023

Arthav gets up from his dream and Chini asks him if he saw a nightmare. Aarthav says it seems like everything is running from his hand. Chini says you should not worry about this and get worried. Kairi is an understanding girl. Arthas says he should have to full fill Kairis’s demand and dream as a father. He will not repeat the same thing as his father did with him. His father never supported his dream.

Imlie Written update

He will arrange money for her daughter and fulfill her dreams. Chini thinks she also does something and asks for money from Anu but Anu tells her that she is sending money for her, not Kairi and Arthav. Anu also says bad things against Kairi and Chini says I cant hear against Kairi a word.

Chini says that they finally send Kairi to summer camp as Anu sent her money. Arthav denies taking Anus’s money and says that he also has self-respect. He wont to take anyone’s money and requests to return the money. Rudra tells Dhairya that he never gave his father love to him. After Arto’s death, he has become his support. But due to his fault, Devika’s life is also at stake. Dhairya asks him not to blame himself. Kairi draws a picture of their three kairi, Arthav and Chini and locks up herself in the washroom, and calls Arthav and says she would not come if he send her to summer camp.

He says he will give her a hug. Imlie talks to a kid who is missing her parents. There Chini says Kairi went to sleep and she has many plans for tomorrow. She assures Arto she, Sita Maiya, and Kairi all are with him. Kairi wakes up at midnight and goes out to see the summer camp set up from outside. One kidnapper tries to talk to Kairi.


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