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Imlie Written Update 9th May 2023: Kairi In Trouble?


Hello, everyone here we are again to give you the latest written update on your all favorite shows and today we will talk about Imlie on 9 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Aarthav tells Chini that Kairi scares of dogs and in the summer camp there must be dogs so  I have to call Kairi to check if she is fine or not. Chini jokes that Kairi must be really scared and says the summer camp team will laugh at Kairi that she got such parents, then says she means Pa and best friend. Arthav walks into his room to sleep and wishes Kairi good night to Kairis pic.

Imlie written update

At the summer camp, other children get jealous to see that Kairi is popular at the camp when the staff sees Kiari dance and she says she will do this as a surprise in front of Imlie Staff says to teach this dance to other children Imlie will be happy more. Children locked Kairi in the Room. The staff tells Imlie that they are ruining Kairis surprise and apologize to tell that Kairi is teaching dance to other children and want to surprise Imlie. Staff wishes happy birthday to Imlie and gives a gift hamper to her.

Imlie Written Update 9th May 2023

Imlie notices Dhairya’s message and different kinds of jams. She calls Dhairya and thanks him but Dhairya says Rudra has sent that gift and he wants that we get married. Imlie says Dhairya only can be her friend her not Husband even in 7 lives as she has already Arthavs wife and always remain lives her life as Aarthav’s wife. Imlie informs about Kairi to him and he also says to spend more time with Kairi. Devika asks Rudra why he is doing this. Rudra says Imlie is now her daughter so now it’s their duty to get settled her. Devika says she will never let that happen and he does not forget her son if Rudra forgot his son Aarthav.

Imlie written updates

Kairi gets scared to hear the sound of animals and calls someone to help to get her outside this locked room. Kairi crying and pleading for help. Arthav gets worried more when no one picks up his phone at the camp when he did to talk with Kairi. Imlie searches for Kairi when she can be seen among all students and asks students where is Kairi. The student lied and say maybe she is playing on the other side but Imlie hears Kairi’s sound of crying and opens the door.

Kairi hugged and thanked Imlie and revealed how students locked up her there and frightened her. Students say they got jealous seeing Imlie becoming Kairi’s best friend in no time. Imlie explains to them their mistake. Aarthav gets relief when Kairi picks up the call and also gets shocked to hear Kairi’s words when she tell that she is angry with her best friend for not introducing her to Imlie and says she loves Imlie.


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