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‘In Love With My Partner’s Wife’: Release Date & Time Check Star Cast Spoilers Story Plot


Lifetime is bringing another movie titled In Love With My Partner for the fans. With a thrilling storyline, it is no doubt to say that it looks promising. Under the Love, Lies, and Seduction category, Lifetime has a number of movies scheduled to release in the month. Well, the fans are eager to know all the details about the upcoming movie ever since the announcement. The name of the film can be seen trending all over the internet. Without any ado, let us check the information about the film in the article below.

'In Love With My Partner's Wife

Judging on the basis of the trailer, the movie has mystery and romance while promising not to be boring. The one-hour and thirty minutes long film will feature the main two characters feeling that life has been unfair to them. However, it soon results in their world colliding with each other and a passionate romantic relationship brewing between them. It is also shown that the entire world is against them. Well, it would be interesting to see will the pair be able to stand a chance. Directed by Lindsay Hartley, the movie is written by Paula Rahn.

According to the film’s official synopsis, detective Paul Ford finds out about Frank, his partner, abusing his wife Eve. Taking the seriousness of the matter into consideration, he steps in to rescue her. However, a vengeful Frank frames him for murder. While Eve is on the run from her husband and Paul is on the run from his fellow officers, the couple finds themselves escaping into a heated love affair. As obvious from the trailer, the story surfaces around a man who is a detective, righteous, and hard-working. He soon discovers an ugly truth about his partner and the story takes a wild turn.

Talking about the movie’s release date, In Love With My Partners Wife will be premiered on Saturday, August 13, 2022, at 8/7c. It will be available for streaming on LMN on 8/7c. Although not much information about the forthcoming film has been shared by the makers yet, it is reported that Gina Vitori, Jonathan Stoddard, and Andrew Spach will be the key cast of the film. Following the announcement of the film’s release, it has gotten everyone to talk about it. The excitement to watch the film is quite evident among the fans so it is not wrong to say that they are anticipating its premiere. Follow our site for more updates.


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