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Indian Idol 13 Today’s Episode 19th March 2023 Udit Narayan & Kavita Krishnamurthy Grace The Show


Indian Idol 13, finally the highly anticipated and much-awaited episode of the singing reality show is around the corner, as the Sunday, 19th of March 2023 episode is featuring legendary B-Wood singers Udit Narayan Ji and Kavita Krishnamurthy Ji, as the two are coming to grace the show through the overwhelming appearance and you can imagine how would the enthusiasm be higher in the show. As the legends are ready to share their great advice to the contestants regarding the music, which will help them at the time of their performances because music requires soul and understanding.

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The recent episode begins with the soulful performance of contestant Shivam who sets the stage on fire while mesmerizing everyone, as he sings “Tumse Milna Baatein Karna” song which is originally sung by Udit Ji and Alka Ji and the way he sings the song while catching the low and high notes impresses everyone as Udit Ji says he saw him while singing with the feel which is the most important thing when you attempt a song. Kavita Ji also agrees with him while pointing such angles which could have been a bit more finest and gives him advice as well that notes by him.

Indian Idol 13 Trophy Unveils?

Meanwhile, Aditya Narayan brings an Indian Idol 13 Trophy while mentioning that finally, the moment has occurred when they are unveiling the first look of the trophy and therefore, everyone gets shocked to see something much-awaited as they were not expecting this. Because almost everyone is waiting to make the trophy on their name and therefore, they are trying their best as well. Even judges say that now the remaining ones will try to make their performances a bit finest as they will not take even a single chance with the performances as they are standing a few feet away from the trophy.

Recently, the makers have released a few exclusive promos officially through which you may get a glimpse of the activities that will occur in the show. Nonetheless, there are still some scenes that have yet to be broadcast, so you will need to wait until the appropriate time takes place. But, you may download the episode via the Sony Liv app a few hours before it airs on television if you wish to watch it there. So do not miss streaming the show on Sony Television at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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