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Indian Pro Music League IPML Today’s Race To Finale Episode 26-6-2021: Govinda Dances On Ankush’s Wish


The most meritorious music league called Ipml (Indian Pro Music League) has again resumed on Zee TV, and it’s bringing many electrifying performances through the upcoming episode. Which will bless your soul for sure and fulfil stop your curiosity to watch your favourite singers on the screen while performing. Because previously makers have telecasted throwback episodes, and now finally, it has arrived with the fresh effusive episodes. So get to know more what-all performances will take place check the details given below.

Indian Pro Music League IPML Latest Today's Episode 26-6-2021: Govinda Dances On Ankush's Wish

The coming episode will start with the soulful voice of singer Javed Ali and his melodious voice, will bless your ears and you won’t able to shit your eyes a bit from him while performing. He will sing the “Maula Mere Maula” song which is featured in the Wazir movie and originally sang by Javed Ali. He will create such an auspicious atmosphere and his all notes will spread the magic, through which, you will forget your all stress of work for sure.

The superstar Govinda also grace the show with his precious presence along with his wife, and he won’t able to blink his eyes from him. Because Javed Ali is the owner of such a melodious voice and his voice has the power to connect the audience with him and therefore numerous people do not forget the chance of watching him. While performing all team members will give him a standing ovation along with their mentors because they feel blessed to hear him.

Then Ankush comes on the stage and expresses his feelings towards Govinda because everyone is a die-hard fan of him and he is one of them. So brought some wishes because he was finding a chance to meet him and when he got the chance he can not stop himself. Because it’s everyone’s dream to watch their favourite superstar in front of them, so he urges him to fulfil his wishes. Because he was waiting for the moment and finally, it arrived.

Then he says that he wants to dance with him on “Soni De Nakhre” Song which composed by the Sajid-Wajid. Then Govinda comes on the stage and starts dancing as per Ankushes wish and he sings the song as well. So you are going to witness such amazing moments. Which you can not watch anywhere else, so just gearing up yourself to catch the episode at the time of the telecast. So stream it on Zee TV at 08:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.


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