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Influencer Illguinner Menezes Shot Dead Video at The Wake of a forró Singer: Shooting Footage


The very sad news is coming in front of the people, which is quite heart-wrenching as well, where a 24-years-old influencer called Illguinner Menezes was shot dead on Thursday.  It is being reported that at the same moment, Forro Singer Romario de Jesus was on-air live on social media, and he was also shot dead in Manau after going from a concert hall. Ever since, the news came their fans are going through trauma because they lost their close ones, and hence, uncounted people are paying tribute to them. Check the comprehensive details given below about the deceased and the case.

Illguinner Menezes

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Marco Illguinner Paiva de Menezes is most popular as “Biber” and uncounted people followed him as well, but unfortunately he left the world. It is being said that he shot around three times back to back ahead of the Sports field. At the time of the shooting, he was broadcasting live and the sound can be heard in the video. Where you can see that after being killed the influencer gets fallen on the surface, when his family got to know the news that spontaneously someone shot him they were surrounded by a wave of sorrow.

The incident took place in the Cacau Piera district of Ilanduba on Thursday, 9th September where a 24-years-old influencer got shot. Many statements are arriving from the concerned department where police said that Marco Illguinner Paiva de Menezes was a bosom friend of the artist, and around 08:00 Pm the crime took place which was quite scary as well. But Romario de Jesus had been admitted to the hospital soon therefore, he recovered on Friday early morning (10th September). As soon as police reported the crime they started the investigation to find the main culprit.

It is being reported according to the police, that there were two culprits who shot the singer’s friend and run a few meters ahead. As soon as he gets injured he got admitted to the nearest medical care centre for treatment, police are finding the culprit because still, their real identity is anonymous. His fans are paying tribute to him through social media because they lost a gem, hence, Twitter has been flooded by the condolences messages. Because everyone is praying for his family too so that, they can bear the pain of loss. So we will pray that may god gives his soul rest in peace (RIP).


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